Water purifier concept of univsal intelligence is the key to


   2016 water purification industry further clear pattern, each water purifier brand wants to place in the water purifier market, improve product technology is mandatory. How to rely on innovative technology to provide better products to consumers, in turn, bring more value to the enterprise, become the focus of water purifier business concern.


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concept of universal water purifier intelligent innovation is the key (Photo from Internet)

   reverse osmosis water purification technology to further enhance the

   [123 ] after years of rapid development, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and other filtering techniques have each occupy a certain share in the Chinese water market. Overall the proportion of view, reverse osmosis technology has to occupy most of the market share trend, become the main theme of technology in the field of water purification. At present, water purification products has formed a core technology of reverse osmosis technology-based, supplemented by other techniques to ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration, etc. coexist.

   Data show, 2015, online reverse osmosis water purification products retail market accounted for 50.4%, the market share of a reverse osmosis water purification retail product line at 86.1%; the first quarter of 2016, accounting for reverse osmosis technology to further enhance the product line of reverse osmosis water purification market share of retail sales increased to 57.5%, below the line of reverse osmosis water purification products retail market share has reached 88%. For enterprises, the use of reverse osmosis water purification products a lot of advantages, when talking about how to become a mainstream technology of reverse osmosis, some industry insiders concluded, the brand promotion, product prices lower reverse osmosis, fast channel sink and filtering effect is obvious is the main reason.

   It is understood that the presence of reverse osmosis water purification unit in the early development of the core bottleneck rolled reverse osmosis membrane technology and the booster system, synchronization can not be achieved with the use of purified, must be used after the first storage, so there is barrel machine, known as reverse osmosis water storage type water purifier. Storage tank in the water purification if long-term use, there will be bacteria hidden dangers, the industry has been hard to overcome the difficulties.

   Based on these problems, many companies launched a large flow, no barrels water machine. To strengthen the RO reverse osmosis water purifier and its accompanying series of pipeline machine with function, strengthen and enhance the added value and product differentiation, some water purifier company will launch a large flow without bucket water machine, and has more than temperature control, water alarm, platform-type products such as free installation, allowing users to be able to drink that isMade fresh pure water to drink.

   concept of universal water purifier intelligent

   in the "Internet +" todays rapid development, intelligent water purification products is bound to become the future direction of consumption. Water purification products access to the Internet, enterprises can make water purification more in-depth understanding of consumer needs. With "big data" to help companies product development and promotion for the demands of consumers in a clear demand premise, R & D and marketing will become more accurate and reduce enterprise unnecessary waste of resources, reduce product development costs, while being able to better realize the value of the product. For consumers, the smart product allows consumers to clearly state control over the situation and drinking water purification products, will use safer and more at ease. But note that the water purification products for networking, use of large data accessibility needs a development process, not an event.

   Insiders suggested that the age of the Internet has brought several substantial change: Consumer forming a resonance at First online and offline consumption; the second is the core of the data resources of the enterprise; Third, information communication more smoothly , marketing docking easier.

   on the popularity of smart products, some companies showed considerable determination, but also business executives cautious. "For smart water purification products, from two angles think consumers and businesses," some industry insiders believe that, "For consumers, he may not need to integrate too many so-called intelligence and APP of the operation, as long as easy to use, safety, convenience can be. related to the specific service, product quality and other issues that manufacturers have to resolve the matter. As for the use of big data, remote monitoring, how to combine the two, both to collect user data while protecting privacy, At the same time do not add additional burden to the user, is the direction of water purification companies to develop products to be considered. "

   water purifier should be designed for the Chinese water quality

   by the water industry is responsible for more than person interview, the reporter learned that the complex Chinese water quality is an important reason for the differences in water purification technology. In response, the company has made "specifically for the Chinese design quality" concept. Such as "the use of high-quality RO membrane 400G large, double-pump drive, effectively increasing the speed of the water and out of water, reflow technology to improve water utilization.

   It is worth mentioning that the reporter also heard in the interview process other sounds. RO reverse osmosis water purification products for previously "complex installation""Maintenance problems" of industry problems, a company has designed a convenient compact RO reverse osmosis water purifier, to solve customer pain points. But the lack of innovation in the water industry technology, plagiarism was rampant, water purifier companys future should be good practice in personnel, products and marketing.

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