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As we all know, water is the most healthy drink. But many people in order to save water, often to drink the leftover water is reheated, this is a bad habit. This is because plain water storage time should not be too long, water also has the shelf life of it? How long can boiled water to put it?






   shelf life of water only 16 hours

Experimental results show that, with the kettle to boil water placed 16 in the air after hours, the number of coliform bacteria detected will be seriously overweight, no longer meet the current national standard of drinking water. Because of the contaminated water is the main source of bacteria in the air, so even pure water, distilled water, as long as the exposure is placed, the result is the same. These will inevitably breed bacteria infection produce nitrite, nitrite once poured into the human body, can make tissue hypoxia, nausea, vomiting, headache, palpitation and other symptoms. Nitrite in the human body but also the formation of nitrosamines, trigger liver cancer, stomach cancer and the like. After boiling water in a thermos mounted variable temperature, the bacteria faster, more reduction of nitrite, bad for your health.




Accordingly, cold boiled water storage time not too long, whether at room temperature or refrigerated conditions, are not more than 2 days, preferably drinking day. When placed in the open, to be placed in a clean environment around the place, in order to avoid contamination. Moreover, should not the cool water to reheat drinking. Repeated boiling water will cause the water aging, which not only will make the loss of minerals beneficial to human body, can also produce some harmful substances.



   overnight drinking water odor in what is

to drink in the morning on a bed of boiled water overnight, when the taste of normal and usually not the same, it is not a bad overnight water do? In fact, the main reason is the cup of boiled water exposed to air over time, standing in the process there will be a small amount of carbon dioxide in the air into them.




Thus generated trace carbonate slightly lower the pH of the water, resulting in changing the taste, slightly sour taste. Of course, a glass of water acidity of slight changes will not affect peoples health, even if you regularly drink this kind ofwater. But if drinking water has been dry for several days, a variety of microorganisms and algae in the surrounding environment will be stepping into the water, then the taste will be even greater. Although no fatal harm, but separated for a few days of water likely to be bacterial contamination, do not drink or appropriate.




In short, the longer the exposure to drinking water in the air time, will be more bacterial microorganisms, water quality will be worse, the greater the harm to the body. Therefore, to maintain good drinking habits, such as the best drink fresh boiled water is still very necessary.

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