Water purification agents to join the four majotrends preste


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in the home furnishing industry, the water purifier is a brilliant wonderful work. An early start in China water purifier industry, development has been more than two decades, Imports, product positioning, along with my countrys economic development and water environment deteriorating ah gradually form industrial chain.

   From the early development of the industry to import brands, domestic brands to mid-born; domestic brands beginning from the birth has been seeking a breakthrough brand, in fact, accelerate brand building, not only the characteristics of the water purification industry , this is the only way for the development of any mature industry.

   cross-brand debut

   from the previous early Gree, Haier, TCL, Rongsheng and other household electrical appliance enterprises have set foot in the water industry, the appliance industry prelude to entering the water industry, but after 2014, cross into the water industry is not limited to the field of home appliances business, they either cabinet industry or the solar industry or the electric car industry ..... such as Opie, Four seasons song Mu sun rain, Emma, 鈥嬧€媏tc., can be expected, as these brands in other industries from appliance industry than if they can succeed, "Nuggets" water industry, then there will be more companies come in other areas.

   focus on Terminal

   focus on the terminal is king of the water purifier brand is not only the first-line brand. The current number of water purification industry, large and small brands have more than four thousand, increased competition, whether it is first-line, second-line and third-line or even no-name in order to improve the local or national market share while engaged in melee; but look increase market share we must pay attention to the terminal, so the future competitiveness of the terminal will directly determine the brands competitiveness.

   How to end? Products is the key. Such as "beautiful red", "blue and white", "China Wind", "National Wind" and other distinctive brand personality popular products in the market, becoming the research and development of such products brand killer, very good proof of the product importance.

   dark horse industry focus on consistent

   the development process of water purification industry in China, also has a group of dedicated brand in recent years as the dark horse industry as the impact of the water purifier market, so strong productivity and you can achieve mass production of each product, mass biggest benefit is to ensure product quality effectively reduce production costs, unmatched price advantagePotential to ensure that the lower-level dealers profit margins agents and agents of development.

   As the waters strategic focus, China water purifier industry, the competition is bound to a certain situation, to enhance their focus on quality, service and consumer word of mouth, it is bound to impact on existing water purifier brand pattern . Water purification industry appears dark horse, not only to focus on the development of water purification industry to join the market has added more choices, water purifier brands to join the development of innovative trend brand water purifier to join the agency also created a vast market for the development of industry dark horse.

   It is foreseeable that, since 2016, the national water purifier to join, agent market will show more flowering of the situation.

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