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   HC purification net in the pursuit of quality of life years, it has gradually raise requirements for all aspects of life. Many families in the drinking water from the tap is no longer satisfied with the access to tap water for drinking after boiling, but adds steps water purifier filter water, removing all kinds of dirt. However, many families do not develop the habit of regular replacement of the filter after a water purifier installed, so that you are likely to be drinking water from the water purifier.


   In general, the water purifier by a microfiltration membrane filter element is compressed charcoal, membrane composition, they will in principle barrier screen filter tap water incremental purely physical filtration. Various filters low to high depending on the end to end series arrangement precision, the first layer located on the microfiltration membrane can effectively remove visible particulate matter or impurities; a second compressed layer of carbon can be dissolved in water adsorbed organic debris and CL2 If odor or color of the water can also be adsorbed; the last layer of the ultrafiltration membrane for the naked eye can not see bacteria, viruses and other substances by filtration.

   It would appear, tap water filtered through layers of strict nature can achieve higher cleanliness, but it also means they can not stay in the top of the filter through dirt, if not replace perennial, contaminants on the filter We will continue to accumulate, dirty possible extent than you can imagine.

   need regular replacement cartridges?

   at the beginning we buy more cartridges are perfectly clean, and after a period of purification, the filter will be attached to a layer of yellow, sticky layer of pollution. If you insist on not changing the filter, then continue to be covered with dirt filter will gradually saturated, when a certain saturation, its filtering effect will be substantially reduced and even pollute the water. When

   See here, many of my friends will think of ways to regularly clean the filter, however feasibility of this approach is not high, clean the filter anyway because there is always some residual dirt on it, basically you can not reach the factory the white appearance, in order to save money, if long-term stay in the filter so that the dirt among the injured will be your familys health.

   First, the most obvious long-term replacement of filter performance impact of a reduced amount of water in the faucet or no water, this is not the faucet itselfThere is a problem, but due to filter blockage. Secondly, water will enter the environment overworked them. Because if the first layer of filter clogging, the impurities or particles with water will flow through the second layer filter, purify it does not belong to undertake part of their job tasks, such as excessive consumption will significantly reduce the life of the filter element, in short amount originally just need to replace the filter is changed from a two, increase maintenance costs for users.

   The key is, taste and clarity of the water you drink will fall to the level of unfiltered tap water. Plus there are a lot of bacteria on the filter mouth, through the water as long as the path is likely to be secondary pollution, so you are likely to drink water than unfiltered tap water is much more to be dirty, we can see regular replacement the importance of water purifier filter.

   In general, two cycles before replacement cartridge 6-12 months, the last layer of the ultrafiltration membrane 2--3 years to replace once. If do not want to drink dirty water after installing water purifiers, change the filter would quickly become enthusiasts, guard themselves and their families healthy drinking it.


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