Water purifier is too expensive oworthless health


   There are many people doubt that for an ordinary family, installing a home water purifier is not too expensive? "Water purifier is certainly helpful, the key I earn five thousand a month, a water purifier three thousand is necessary, too expensive! "

   in fact, think about it, is a water purifier is too expensive, or simply worthless in your eyes healthy?

鍑€姘村櫒 [123 ] a lot of people think they pay attention to health, with a reasonable diet, keep fit, appropriate to spend some money on exercise, diet, the maintenance, but when you drink contaminated water is also affected by insecurity, take yourself and your familys health when the filter, but also talk about health-conscious.

   recently heard a story:

   professor asked: Mom and my wife out of the water to save somebody else.

   Several people rescued mother hands, hands a few people save his wife.

   professor said, in fact, this is a world problem, it is difficult to answer.

   I ask a question is easy: if your family car and mother at the same time out of the water, you first save the car or save

   almost all of them raised their hands? save lives.

   professor said, at this time of life and death, we have made the right choice. However, in the dull daily life, you can make the same choice?

   I ask you to raise your hand car bought insurance. The results raised their hands.

   I ask: Do you give Mom into the insurance please raise your hands very few results?.

   I ask: Raise your hand to car maintenance, they are the result of a show of hands.

   I ask: for themselves, their families, health care for the parents to please raise their hands, the result is very few.

   I ask: who is important or important car under a silent field?.

鍑€姘村櫒 After hearing this story, if you have a healthy life for some different food for thought! Attention when the car maintenance, and whether more should be concerned about the health and dignity of life, family life? [ 123]

   we prefer to spend thousands to buy a bag, buy clothes, but not willing to buy a water purifier, perhaps thousands of bags let you carry out a range of children, but they protect the water purification products your health.

   none of us do not want your body sick, but do not know how to prevent, peopleNot die from the disease, but from ignorance! Even if you have more money, health is gone, what is the use of money?

   In order not to lose your health before it is too, now drink clean, healthy water.

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