Three revolutions in modern history of humadrinkg water


  Three revolutions of modern time in the history of human drinking water: before 5719 century, a variety of infectious diseases caused by microorganisms in the water:: 2020-02-24 15:08 cholera, typhoid, plague claimed countless lives. In 1897, British pop typhoid, she was discovered that chlorine can be used to disinfect drinking water. 1902 Belgium began using chlorine to disinfect the water supply, the use of chlorine defeated biological contamination of water, preventing the plague epidemic, which is the predecessor of the water we use now, this is the first human drinking water revolution. The second revolution in drinking water: Bottled water development of modern industry, exacerbated by water pollution, it has already found dozens of foreign hazardous substances and new pathogenic microorganisms in tap water. Because of the presence of secondary water pollution during transportation it is we can not avoid. Bottled water this time as a representative of the second water revolution was born. Data show that in 1999, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places every 100 households have drinking more than 80 units. However, because bottled water is also a problem of secondary pollution, in addition to easy to breed bacteria and bottled water provides water, bottled water, changing the water is too much trouble, and the only bottled water to solve the water problem, can not meet the family cook other requirements, such as purification of drinking water, there is an urgent need for safer and more economical method of processing drinking water. Third drinking water revolution: Chi-drink machine motivated many manufacturers do not have the qualifications to enter the bottled water industry. In recent years, sampling and media exposure national quality inspection departments show: "Bottled water can not drink casually!" "Bottled water + malpractice barrel" model can be summarized as the water is unknown, secondary pollution and easy enough to use. According to market needs, the invention of drinking water. Drinking water as the name implies, you can direct drinking water, water purification system terminal successfully developed, brought to mankind non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting green and pure water, so that we truly enjoy five homes star drinking life. Currently water purifier has been popular in Europe, more than 90% penetration rate. from the bucket (bottle) filled with water to a terminal homemade healthy water, is the third revolution in the history of human drinking water, the hero of the revolution is born intellectual drink machine. Many water purification machines currently on the market, but the technology is to use the best precision reverse osmosis technology RO membrane, RO membrane filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns to filter bacteria and viruses in water 99.99%, water by bacteria and viruses effectively prevent cross- infection, but also to avoid chlorine on the human bodyThe harm caused. At home can meet the human needs of homemade pure water, and used with the system, fresh pure drinking water, drinking assured. It is worth mentioning that, the use of water purifier, not only to solve the water problem, and home cooking, cook, soup, cooking, tea can spend a clean and healthy water.

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