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   yesterday, CCID and the China Electronics News Institute jointly issued the first half of 2017 purchasing power at home report shows that the first half of 2017, water purification equipment market online, reverse osmosis products continue to expand market share, retail sales grew 3.91 %, market share reached 46.32%.

   activated carbon products slightly shrinking market share accounted for 38.18 percent, 3.86 percent decrease year on year.

   ultrafiltration membrane products, market share slightly, decreased 1.85% year on year.

   report that the commonly used reverse osmosis water purification technology to water machines, all of the substances other than water in addition to water, both beneficial and harmful removed entirely safe water, and more susceptible to Chinese consumption those who accept it. In the first half

   2017, water purification equipment market share of domestic brands online market rapidly expanding, accounting for 71.8%, foreign brands accounted for only three percent. And domestic brands retail sales grew faster than foreign brands, up in different price segments in the first half 2017 online retail sales accounted for cases of water purification equipment grew by 56.4%, almost double the growth rate of foreign brands.

   With the traditional home appliance brands have to force water purifier market, the professional brand of water purifier market is being robbed have these channels and financial strength of the traditional home appliance brand. Such as sound, Chi, Meiling, the growth rate is amazing. Overall, however, the United States, Patio two brands still entrenched.

   Source: consumer appliances network

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