-Sharing- set off a new model of public drinkg Association v


   To better understand business conditions and development needs of the member companies of production, give full play to the role of a bridge between the Association, Association for the Advancement enhance service levels, in June, the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Branch water purification industry launched the "2018 visited Member enterprise series of activities, "to learn about the needs and suggestions of member companies of the Association for the development of.

   June 12 afternoon, the water purification industry branch president of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management led by Mr. Tang Jian Xing visited the Association unit - Guangdong Fengyuan century, drinking water equipment Manufacturing Co., Fengyuan century founder Liu Mr. and all the staff warmly welcomed the president and his party, and the main business and Fengyuan century business model, market distribution, after-sales service are described in detail. National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association water purification industry branch minister membership clever, and Training Division Hunan, head of Tan Hongbin, Information Minister parts supply chain Wang Jin (Suzhou Keihin Sales Director), Liu Sun director of large equipment R & D Center (Guangzhou high environmental protection total manager), Tang Chong, general manager of Changzhou Kohler kitchen & Bath, industrial automation Kohler Asia Pacific head of China Wang Hua, an open source (Shanghai) environmental Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of high Moon Hee, Ningbo Fei Lite marketing director Huang Zhongying accompanied by visits to research, as Association official media interview reports.




National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association and his party visited the Guangdong branch of industry, water purification equipment manufacturer Fengyuan century, drinking water Ltd.

   to focus public drinking water equipment technology dual mode innovation

   Guangdong Fengyuan century, drinking water equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Jian, founder of the Association warmly welcome to visit the team, and led everyone to visit the company and showroom. "Always only public drinking water facilities", which is positioned Fengyuan century, but also the concept of enterprise. Focus segments of the water industry, positioning around innovation from technology to business models, improve enterprise management system, in the past year, Fengyuan century in technology and business models continue to explore innovation, made various attempts .

   In technology, Fengyuan century development of the intelligent monitoring system equipment, the core of public drinking water gutless speed heat system, patented sterile water tanks, UV + sterilization and other public drinking water equipment technology, strive to maintain technological leadership advantage, leading the public drinking water industry equipment technology upgrade; in industrial design, Fengyuan century Atelligent series won the 2017 annual D-Day Innovative Design Award, provides for the management side of the various scenes of drinking water of different solutions to meet the demands of different groups of public drinking water; in social functions, Fengyuan century to become the first drinking water equipment into the campus of the recommended experimental units, and participated in the formulation of industry standards.

   in the business model, Fengyuan century opportunity for economic development based on shared characteristics and public drinking water, open up a new form of public drinking water - shared water. From this basic form, the release of independent research and development of a new era of shared water Man drinking pure water station (equipment) and water Xia new media sharing platform (SaaS platform), and set up water Xia Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong overall operating "water Man 鈥?shared water "project, has become the most widely covered people, the largest project of shared water projects.


鍏变韩鍑€姘? src=


tours drinking water equipment manufacturer Fengyuan Guangdong Century Limited

   Deployment Op brand management strategy to expand the influence of

   At the beginning of 2018, Fengyuan century established brand operations center, the brand management to enhance the importance of the strategic plan, centrally located, enterprise management, brand image, continuous investment, enterprises brand image, focus on building and maintaining brand image. Using the latest in new media technology, multi-faceted Internet to communicate with customers, expand the brand influence.

   In ensuring product quality at the same time, Fengyuan century based on different customer groups, to distinguish between different brands. For different consumer users, and operators "Water Man" and "Fengyuan century" brands. And based on the understanding of the brand image, and constantly enhance the spread of the users brand image, increase brand further depth. Fengyuan century, according to market changes and innovate brand thinking, and constantly improve the brand image and brand of market competitiveness, the intrinsic value of the brand into full play.

   consumer-centric, to create maximum convenience for consumers, Fengyuan brand objectives century is to satisfy consumer safety, health, quality of drinking water needs.




understanding of research Fengyuan century shared water machine

   all things Internet sharing economic breakthrough new situation in the market

   With the development of Chinas Internet consumers to buy channels are becoming diversified. Fengyuan century gradually completedGood corporate official website flagship store; set up for search engine marketing team professional bidding; for the construction of the new media operations team, at the same time with a pre-sale channels and customer service departments, during and after sales support.

   "intelligent", "all things Internet" and a "sharing economy", the enterprise is undoubtedly a new development opportunity, an opportunity to achieve transformation and upgrading. Fengyuan century as an industry market segments of public drinking water industry industry leader sharing drinking water as a Man of things enterprise, will have more opportunities to reach online users connected to the line, to become "all things Internet "is an important everyday situations.

   Enterprise Management Association of water purification industry branch president of the National Health Industry Tang Jian Xing said, such as Fengyuan century research and development capabilities, the core technology of outstanding enterprises should vigorously promote and publicize, the Association will also play its advantages in resources for the member companies provide assistance. Don president also introduced industry-related policy information to Fengyuan century, answers questions echelon personnel training and operational management aspects of the business.

   The nationwide survey to strengthen communication between the association and the members, deepened mutual understanding. National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management Branch will be field visits to industrial water purification research as a long-serving member of the implementation continues, effectively leading the good practice, communication, coordination, serving the purpose of promoting the healthy development of the industry.

   (Source: HC clean water network)

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