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   In recent years, water purification industry showed explosive growth, but the lack of industry standards so that the water purifier market was mixed, good and bad coexist water purification products, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting of repeated, serious infringement of the rights of consumers . Recently, good news finally came, the water purification industry will usher in the first round of the strict supervision of the recent batch of water purification industry standard has been released and will begin in November, water purification industry performance standard test methods are also being developed in. In addition AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier.

   According to the PRC monitoring data show domestic third-party research firm, in May 2014, an increase of water purification equipment in my country reached 62%, well above the appliance industry market growth. However, behind the high growth rate is due to insufficient competition in the industry, industry standards lag, resulting in many business practitioners, products of varying quality, seriously affecting the healthy and orderly development of the industry.



   China director of the Academy of household appliances Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo said recently, "At present, China has more than 3000 water purifier manufacturers, because there is no standard, the market chaos clusters, to the moment of the regulation must be. " It revealed that AQSIQ will be officially launched in September this year, spot checks of water purifier.

   leading cause market chaos is the industry access threshold is too low. According to Lu Jianguo introduced, the production threshold of our water purifier is relatively low, manufacturers only need access to health approval document the health sector can produce, sell water purification products. The test methods Health this document, but to ensure that no secondary pollution of water purifiers, water purifiers which is the minimum requirement, and for water purification efficiency, electrical safety, structural safety and other properties, but also the lack of appropriate norms.

   However, the quality of the water purifier secondary pollution can not far determined. Zhao Jing, general manager of Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. water purification membranes Division pointed out that the water purifier on the market widespread propaganda exaggerating the problem, the water purifier filter membrane production of abnormal phenomena abound, such as the use of plastics manufacturers agents exceeded PP, PE filtration membrane materials production, to ensure that the surface of the hydrophilic film glycerol causing bacteria, due to a difference of water through the membrane, and insufficient pressure capacity leakage or rupture.

   "water purifier may seem simple, but not easy to do, for the implementation of the industry standard now, a considerable number of enterprises reached notTo. "Said Lu Jianguo, checks supervision of government departments is increasing, which is good for the industry norms.

   water purifier performance Research and Testing Center, Chinese Academy of home appliances Rendeng Zhe also said that the water purifier market chaos as frequent, not because of the introduction of the relevant test standards. "first floor and sixth hydraulic pressure is not the same, in the case where the hydraulic pressure is increased at night, if the water purifier can not reach a certain pressure receiving member the degree of pressure, prone to leaking storage tank explosion. "

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