Water purification agents must-see why your business can not


鍑€姘村櫒浠g悊鍟嗗繀鐪?涓轰粈涔堜綘鐨勭敓鎰忓仛涓嶈捣鏉? width= What is the reason the majority of the water purifier water purifier business agents do not? Whats holding water purification agents open water purifier market, win customers? Do you want to know the answer? Do you want sell more products? do you want to earn more wealth? market has many years of practical experience in brand marketing expert, water purifier brand marketing director, we will uncover the reasons hindering the development of your ... [123 ] First, no one can combat team

   At present, the water purifier market common business model is to do marketing boss, the boss to install, in fact, this model can no longer meet the demand of modern society in the new market situation, we must learn to leveraging and integration of resources, rather than a person to earn one hundred, let ten people per person to help you earn twenty, you are a man of resources are limited, but you will integrate resources of ten people come back, you have dozens or even more resources.

   Second, the over-reliance on manufacturers

   1, we often hear the joke is, "My math is taught physical education teacher", in fact, water purifiers and water purification factory Connections between agents should be a commitment to product research and development production and marketing of a bear responsibilities, to make a product do teach you to sell the product, which in itself is illogical, manufacturers can only provide as success stories reference, but we can not completely rely on manufacturers to develop the market for you.

   2, as a water purifier agents, is actually a business entities, many agents we had some small problems like to find manufacturers, such as leaking joints, the pipe is not inserted in place such a small problem require manufacturers to solve, you ask, can such a small problem can not be resolved agents, how to solve a big problem? as long as man-made out of something, certainly there will be insufficient, as the agent, should continue learn new technologies, improve the operational capacity, if the business is not familiar with the manufacturers of communication costs will be higher than sales costs, will give customers a bad impression.

   Third, the lack of insight on the market

   water purification agents in order to have a good development in the water industry, in addition to select a suitable own water purifier brand, but also should have a keen insight into the market! historical development of the industry, I do not know how many people out of the competition in this industry, they look back at the road traveled, to have failedReasons have one thing in common, and that is too blind! Whether in selecting water purifier brand, or in the operation of the water purifier market, blindly follow the trend and imitation is the end point of fatal road of clean water. Insight is insight into the brand, but also insight into the market!

   Fourth, there is no courage to take risks

   As we all know, there is definitely a risk of doing business, but many water purification agents afraid to lose, do not want to invest, such as advertising, many people think that advertising is the manufacturer of thing, it is not. At present, China water purifier penetration rate is low, even if the water purifier brand awareness in the industry is high, but to the local market, especially in counties, towns and other places, its audience will be greatly reduced, then we need to make local agents and dealers advertising job market, improve the health of local people for drinking, awareness of water purifier, in order to better carry out the terminal sales. There was only homes! In response to this situation, water purifier dealers for promotional advertising in the local market, given the reimbursement of a certain percentage of support, which are clearly marked in joining the policy conditions above.

   Fifth, the belief without development with the manufacturers.

   water purifier in the competitive market, only companies together to develop cooperation in order to achieve win-win situation, in order to obtain greater success and wealth. But some dealers to co-brand awareness is not high, do not look for the brand, there is no conviction, even if do not believe their own to join the brand, how to make consumers believe in you, buy your product? Choice than to, if join the brand has been questioned in the beginning should fully join the investigation and careful screening, select a stronger overall strength and make their own trusted brand of water purifier.

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