Wright reminds you to buy a water purifier toheiactual needs


   water purifier for most families, we are no longer strangers, but how to choose a suitable for our own household water purifiers I think many people are still very vague concept. Which it may seem, but the different prices, all aspects of the function will be different. So fuzzy concepts to buy water purifiers but will punters. Here, Po Wright small series to give you points classification, so that we condemnation, to buy their own water purifier.

   our normal family should need three kinds of water. The first is the direct drinking, cooking with highly purified water or water purification; second is bathing, washing clothes with purified water softener; domestic water use is the third mopping, flushing and the like. The last is no need to purify the water.

   in which to drink water directly affects the health of the most critical, with bath water is also more important, a bad affect other aspects of skin health. Therefore, to ask what kind of home water purifier good to look at the actual needs to be.

   1, drinking water must be healthy and clean. You can choose a home water purifier with ultrafiltration membranes, can also choose household water with a reverse osmosis RO membranes. The water can be drunk directly, also called Drinking water purifier or a water purifier. Filtering accuracy are more than 0.01 microns to filter harmful substances in the water all bacteria, impurities, viruses, colloids and the like.

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