Water purification agents franchisees want to succeed nd to

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   With the intensification of competition in the industry of water purifiers, water purification agents prospective franchisee to succeed in the market, it is necessary for everyone summarizes the ten elements do succeed Agents multi-disciplinary approach, the industry , and quickly look at it!


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   agency brand success factors 1: field trips

   As the saying goes: "Seeing is believing, ears listen to virtual ", so the prospective franchisee proxy need for water purifier manufacturers to conduct site visits to examine whether manufacturers have R & D centers, automated production lines, product experience center, so you can easily determine the actual strength of the manufacturers.

   agency brand success factors 2: Team

   As the saying goes, a gang of three men, a fence of three piles. In an increasingly competitive market in the water purifier, individual combat, lone hero era has passed, and build Tishman team to win the team strength, has become a big brand water purifier water purifier manufacturers dominate the market competition is the main theme . In the spring dew water purifier opinion, the so-called big team team including brand research team, marketing team, service groups, and corporate joint dealer formation. In business, people (team) will always be actors, so dealers in the choice of agency brands, a team must be aware of

   Acting Brand Success Factors 3:! Innovation

   innovation is life, encourage enterprises in market competition, forever young, forever stand simply invincible. Insiders pointed out that the continued ability to innovate, to protect brands full of vigor and vitality in the development, advancement in technology, products, markets, services and other aspects of the industry leader. The dealer has a strong selection of innovative brand agency, to walk in the water purifier forefront of development of the industry, led by new opportunities, leading the market wealth. Therefore, the availability of rapid innovation, has become a key factor in selecting the brand agency reseller. For example Quan Lu water purification, almost a hundred patented technology has been successful, is the industrys first national high-tech enterprise manufacturers.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 4: successful model

   a real success, boasting no good, but use the facts speak and speak with the facts, the most concentrated expression is to have a model of success, it is! the best proof of success.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 5:Management

   good corporate management, we can integrate the advantages of resources of the enterprise, its production, operation, and service are well-kept, to provide protection for the normal operation and development and expansion of enterprises. Therefore, in the emerging water purifier industry, water purifier manufacturers need to focus on improving corporate governance. And good corporate governance, but also water purification agents in the choice of agency brands, is a very important study elements of franchisees.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 6: R & D

   scientific and technological innovation is fundamental water purifier manufacturers in the development of energy to maintain the vitality, but also water purification agents to join in the selection of important assessment agency brand factor. As a manufacturing-oriented enterprises, scientific and technological innovation capacity water purifier is often reflected in the product development.

   7 Acting brand success factors: the number of outlets

   winning the terminal, the channel is king of the water purifier industry started relatively late, in the era of information explosion, improve industry channels, with dense terminal! outlets open up markets, promote consumption, the effect is very significant. Therefore, a number of outlets in the country brand, as well as the area covered by the market, has become an important reference standard water purification agents franchisees choose the brand.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 8: Brand

   dealer agent water purifier brand, and professional comprehensive brand brand who has more advantages, the industry has been debated previously. The industry believes that, with the social division of labor fine, professional, water purifier in the competitive market, the advantages of professional brand to show up more and more significant. Although more comprehensive brand aspects into account, it is easy to make the power of enterprise excessive bulk, can not be very sharp in some way. And professional brand just focus on one area, be able to put all the focus on a certain level, so in some respects can do very professional, even beyond the all-brands.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 9: Policy

   water purifier brand dealers seeking agents, are hoping to find a "good boss", to give their best support policies to help themselves more smoothly market wealth. Therefore, the business-to-dealer support policies, is often regarded as the dealer and agent brand choose to join an important reference.

   Acting Brand Success Factors 10: channel maintenance

   even in supporting business investment, the dealer channel as an important part of the industry,Ignite the passion of dealers to open up the market by helping to force the industry to improve channels of great benefit.

   The above is a summary of the industry to do the ten elements of a successful franchisee agents, hoping for a water purifier franchisees who have some help.

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