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More recently, the term Internet fired very fire, in any industry, it seems that it will not keep up with the trend of the Internet without saying that in this era of the proliferation of information technology, water purifier company is already fully understand the spirit of the Internet? Really the perfect combination of business and the Internet function of it? In the process catch the Internet platform, the user water purifier business experience been done yet?




water purifier business platform to catch the Internet user experience required in the first place (Photo from Internet)


incremental adapt to the Internet environment


after the internet platform to build, it can play online promotion, the role of the build-off, and even become a cost-effective sales channel, but the internet environment is not all firms can adapt to, first of all, you have to have a large enough line line resources, so that your line will run smoothly; Second, you need strong background management techniques in order to maintain the huge daily updates and traffic; first of all necessary information to get through, and now many, many Internet purifier company no information, not even the processes are built. Do the Internet, or to solve the first part of the flow of information.


user experience leading "voice"


Whatever the mode, online or offline, if we do not change the consumer experience, they are short-lived. Water purification industry first do not rush, or should take more effort to improve and enhance the efficiency of the line, improve the consumer experience, which is fundamental. Therefore, the water purifier business can be on "value added service" work hard, learn from real here a decoration company practices, they propose to provide consumers with ten years warranty, any home improvement problems decade can find Chong resolved. Within five years to provide a free "Wall peels" service, became the home improvement market, a crowdfunding important trump card, this is truly personalized service consumer experience on the top, really captured the consumer Internet age pain points.

   the industrys largest Internet to inspire thinking is the use of the Internet to manage, to run water purification industry chain, which is very critical, the Internet and then "cattle" also put user experience first, otherwise What are empty.

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