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   domestic water purifier products began to slowly catch on, which shares the purification of the wind quite violent, it seems that no one can stop. Water is one resource for human survival, due to the development of the domestic economy very rapidly, population growth, water encounter severe damage in the past two decades, to the deterioration of water environment in exchange for a large development of civilization, we how much to pay ... pollution of water engulfed healthy human water sources. Water pollution led to a lot of diseases, in recent years, the high incidence of gallstone disease and so on, so that people in Helpless. Why is the water purification industry is a new opportunity

   we look at the story:? Wuxi Taihu Lake area cyanobacteria event, in 2007 May 28, blue-green algae in Taihu Lake in Wuxi large outbreak, resulting in Wuxi in polluted water, bottled water coax robbed a downtown space, corresponding to a sudden crisis, the people who do not know how to prevent. Local done more than a year water purification agents, water purifiers because of the rise in 2003, there are a lot of people do not realize the role of water purifier, when his business was not impressive, but he once said, very lucky the encounter cyanobacteria event, he usually advertise in local citizens do not believe that water purification products, water purification products can really question the filtered tap water. When the blue-green algae outbreak, when people have very Ching Hing water purification products, he did so in total sales of more than 600 million of goods in short supply, sales are also a lot of the past to help sales. This can be said of the crisis is a wealth of business opportunities across. After reading this story, what do you think the crisis into opportunities, this huge water pollution incident, with unlimited wealth of business opportunities. In recent years, frequent water pollution incidents continue to occur, now what is the biggest crisis humanity is?

   what is today the biggest opportunities it


   water a range of health problems caused by pollution, people are aware of the basis for healthy water is healthy, water purifiers, water appliance industry darling, statistics show that the popularity of some developed countries has reached more than 70% of the water purifier has been leadership in the market, because the water purifier can be directly connected with the water, allowing the water filter is clean, hygiene, health, Chinas current water purification products and Poors less than 3%. Domestic figures show that my countrys urbanization is still in the high period of development, the same time domestic water quality of tap water is not optimistic. The opportunity is huge.

   era of development, human demand for safe drinking water has increased, the demands of consumers also enhanced step by step. Plus water purifier in the gap between my countrys penetration rate, indicating that the market potential for water appliances, we can say that the whole of China are potential consumers of water purifiers. Water purifier undoubtedly become a sunrise industry in the 21st century. By enterprises to cultivate and market guide, water purifiers, water purification equipment will enter a golden period of development, potentially hundreds of billions of the market waiting for insight to the hair, to seize the opportunities of the times, to create the industrys value, water purifier It must be the water appliance industry business choice.

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