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  Water hammer nemesis - Tim net water purifier gold cylinder pressure control of technical analysis: Tim net water purification Views: 540 Date: 2017-7-6 10:14:00 water (or other liquid) transport process, because the valve is suddenly opened or closed, the pump suddenly stopped, suddenly opening and closing guide vanes and other reasons, the sudden change in the flow rate, and pressure fluctuations of the phenomenon called water hammer. Instant pressure generated by the water hammer can be several times the normal operating pressure of the pipeline or even hundreds of times. Such significant fluctuations in pressure can cause the pipe system to produce strong vibration or noise and may damage the valve connector. There are a lot of damage of the pipeline system. Tim purification net gold cylinder pressure control technique, the water hammer killer. Tian net pre-filter, in order to prevent the occurrence of water hammer, the introduction of the gold cylinder pressure control technology, assembly molding process forging brass, long service life, can effectively prevent water hammer damage to downstream equipment. Regulator regulator has a precise and stable, long-term safety features. 姘撮敜鍏嬫槦-鎭噣鍑€姘撮噾缂告帶鍘嬫妧鏈В鏋恄鎭噣鍑€姘? width=

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