Yancheng water and is now known as the smell of chlorine dis

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  Yancheng water and is now known as the smell of chlorine disinfection of the official response: Tim net water purification Views: 1413 Published: 2014-4-30 10:27:12 鐩愬煄鑷潵姘村紓鍛?鑷潵姘存隘姘旀秷姣? width= Yancheng Tongyu River water, urban water is water intake. BEIJING, Yancheng April 29 news: 29, Yancheng smell of tap water a large area, the local water company responded that the days of rain led to the river bottom mud thrown, when chlorine disinfection of water increased, the smell is chlorine and dirt mixed odor smell. "Water flow decreases, also with an odor, very pungent." Early in the morning on the 29th, residents Keung Yancheng John Shannon garden elementary school son to make breakfast, I have found the home water stocks stench, the water also very small, very assured she had made breakfast with bottled purified water. 鐩愬煄鑷潵姘村紓鍛?鑷潵姘存隘姘旀秷姣? width= Yancheng City home of Wang Nan Ruier water garden Similar issues arise. According to Mr. Wang, the evening more than 10 points 28 smaller tap water, smell the stench when the water has shares of 29 breakfast. Reporters learned that the smell of tap water, cover most of the range of Yancheng. Yancheng Huijin Water Co., Customer Service Department, a staff member told reporters, two days of rain, the water source of the river bottom mud pan up, the use of chlorine to disinfect water, "a little worse chlorine, chlorine smell is earthy and fishy mixed with the smell of taste. " Staff said that although the water smell, but normal drinking, first tap the public can take a long time, the smell will be smaller. From the evening of 28 water companies had to row out of the water pipe network, resulting in some residents of the home water flow decreases, the water supply back to normal soon. 鐩愬煄鑷潵姘村紓鍛?鑷潵姘存隘姘旀秷姣? width= tap water as the main source of water for daily life, and occupy a very important role in life. Today, tap water is through water plant treated, and "effective means" of processing is chlorine, according to the relevant data show that there are now more than 80% of the worlds water plant in the use, of course, the use of chlorine also has some the amount. However, note that when chlorine and organic reactions produce a lot of regret carcinogenic by-products, more than a certain amount of chlorine will produce a lot of harm, and with a bad smell, also known as bleach taste. Tim net water purification experts, a bath with tap water for ten minutes, the total amount of chlorine interior will Sicheng through the body of the respiratory tractInhalation, three percent is absorbed by the skin, it can be seen, both the chlorine content through the skin or respiratory inhalation are quite staggering. If the human body has long been absorbed by people, damage to the human body is very large. Medical experts point out that tap water chlorine product on human skin damage response is great, not only cause skin damage and may also cause adult physiology, reproductive function decline, we can see the impact on the lives of residual chlorine is very huge. In addition, relevant experts said, 17 kinds of skin problems six kinds of deadly diseases and our domestic water in chlorine, heavy metals related! Tim net water purifier able to completely remove the residual chlorine in water, protect your health, so you no longer worry about living water. Tim net water purification experts pointed out that a family should have a complete water purification system, on the one hand to ensure the safety of drinking water healthy family, on the other hand, can remove volatile organic compounds in the bath water. In this regard, the introduction of Tim net water purifier home water purification program, which for our daily drinking water safety has played a role can not be ignored. 鐩愬煄鑷潵姘村紓鍛?鑷潵姘存隘姘旀秷姣? width= net tim automatic central water mattress head effectively remove color, smell; further filter fine impurities in the water, the gel; removing residual chlorine bleach, pesticides, heavy metals; retain beneficial mineral substance. Pitt made the water clear, blue, removal of harmful substances.

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