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   water purification equipment to join the select which brand? This is the intention to do a lot of these people are more concerned about the industry, water purification equipment, because it very much to join the brand, but not a lot of really good brand, so many people saw this in the future because there is no market to choose the right brand and had to give up, look at the following three good brands circumstances. Purifier manufacturers joined



   a, fresh water is added

   The water purifier of the brand on the market is relatively high position, Moreover, there is a certain reputation in the international market, its products have passed relevant international quality certification, to enter the Chinese market after China has entered into the top ten water purifier brand rankings, currently, the trend has been ranked first, so , fresh water plus water purifier market is much attention and recognition, but also because of this, when a lot of people do join will give priority to the brand.

   Second, Hansi Dun

   It is Chinas first registered in the water purifier brand, in our country for 13 years also the only water purifier business, it uses a technology coming from Germany, such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies are compared to the force of the core technology, not only that, the brands heritage and technology base and reputation They are very good, except that it is to enter the Chinese market earlier brand, so for our situation and water quality of Chinas water market is relatively understanding, so many Chinese people are more accepted Princetons products.

   Third, Steven Waugh

   It is from the British brand, and the 19th century has been water purifier brand in the UK is the UKs first water purifier manufacturer, was created by the royal family, it is a high-end brand positioning, but the first goal is to make the creation of the royal family was able to get clean water, however, because the water purifier market the expansion of people calls for a water purifier is also increased, so that the brand has changed strategy and began to produce products to the market, and, in 2008, when entered into China, the country has also established a branch of their own However, because of the familiarity of the Chinese market is not, therefore, it is not particularly affected bywelcome.

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