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   China Building Materials News: With my countrys increasingly serious water pollution, intense competition in the water purifier market. Today, a second-tier city market and become a "Red Sea", development of the industry to break through, began turning their attention to the rural market.




Water Pollution Prevention imminent water purification industry turned to the rural market (Source network)

   water purification industry to become Water Pollution Prevention, "a" [ 123]

   in recent years, Chinas increasingly serious water pollution, which comes mainly from urban sewage and sewage waste, industrial waste, pesticides and fertilizers, there are some unscrupulous companies abuse row of waste-water treatment and so on, these problems so It led to severe water pollution, but also endanger peoples health problems.

   In such a serious context, the relevant state departments have promulgated water pollution control policies, but implementation has encountered many obstacles and problems. For example: too weak environmental awareness, lack of awareness of sustainable development resources, resulting in a serious waste of water resources; some companies blindly pursue economic interests, at the expense of self-purification capacity of water resources; the relevant legal provisions imperfect, inter-provincial water resources, spanned watershed issues not clearly defined.

   From this, the water pollution control can be counted on is the "water world" in a "war" in this "war" in the water industry is an indispensable, but also to promote the development of new water purification industry. Of course, peoples environmental awareness is to be improved, to help promote national prevention and control of water pollution.

   water purification industry, "Blue Ocean" - the rural market

   Now, a second-tier city market competition increasingly fierce water purifier, which makes the market fall of the Red Sea, the brand from the market Controversy change to product innovation, technology. However, the water purification industry is now needed a new "blue ocean" to support the market.

   and the "Blue Ocean" is a lot of industry is staring at the market - the rural market. The current rural market, affected countries of good policies, poor economic times a few years ago in the longer, and also keep up with the rapid pace of urban economy.

   Thus, the water purification industry to enter the rural market is a very good development trend, that is, to find a new breakthrough in the industry, rural economy and gave new meaning and convey ideas. It is a "double benefit" of a good thing.

   as one of the necessary daily life of small household appliances water purifiers, reason why consumers would buy the original intention was to be able to drink water that is safe and healthy. For while the water purification industry to enter the rural market, the economic benefits, companies should be more than product innovation and technology to work harder, get more consumers. Thus, the water pollution control work has been greatly improved.

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