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  Pay 10 annual service fee will receive a "free" water purifier? Carefully been fooled Author: Tim net water purification Views: 925 Date: 2014-9-30 10:45:45 Recently, the public Miss Song is reflected in the last year, she spent 1360 yuan service fee to obtain a "free" net one water, a business commitment to 10 years free maintenance of the water purifier, but only just over 1 year, miss Song not only did not get the necessary services, even the sale also "lost contact" was. "Free" gift of water purifiers. Pay 10 annual service fee will receive a "free" water purifier September 24, reporters came to the home of Miss Song, this time, Ms. Songs husband Guo water purifier sales phone being dialed. "You see, this sale simply can not contact, the phone has been in a busy state." Guo told reporters, September 7, 2013, he and his wife encountered in Huaihai Road and Long Hill Road intersection a few young people is being distributed flyers, they said Guo, the company is promoting the "national water quality project into the community" activities, Guo couple the next day you can go to a hotel to attend lectures Huaihai road, the scene will be presented 6 thousand dollars worth of water purifiers. "Taking into account Huaibei water base, see the promotional content that can help with the water purifier good health, we are an old married couple after retirement, have some physical problems, we decided to go and see." September 8 morning, Guo Mr. couple who went to the hotel room. "It was the venue up a lot of older people at the scene, water purifier manufacturers to tell the staff to explain and demonstrate the many benefits of water purifier, and tell you just pay 1360 yuan service fee, can enjoy 10 years of free care and maintenance. "Guo said, the staff commitment, the 10-year period every three months or six months free replacement filter regularly. See there are so many benefits, but also cheap and practical, in the field, Mr. Guo and many people live in the seminar were ordered water purifier, the next day, on-site installation and manufacturers will charge a service fee of $ 1360. Guo showed reporters after the receipt was provided by the manufacturer charges, manuals and warranty cards and other items, the reporter saw the water purifier brand name "Jingding" stamp on the receipt as "Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Ting "I wrote a 10-year maintenance costs 1360 yuan and other words on the receipt, the warranty card is stated after sales persons name and contact information. "justWhen the first month of use came twice, but they are casual look, but also without making any repair, just tell us the machine properly. "Guo said, since then, sales staff will never contact them. Sale" lost to "10 years of commitment to talk in September this year, the process uses a water purifier, he had felt some muddy water quality and taste bad. Guo said, this happens after they first made the call after-sales staff, the other said it recently to see, but did not like about after arrival, Guo and other contact again and found no one answered the phone is always in the state . "too outrageous, the original is to believe their promises, and now less than a year lost contact, the so-called 10 years of service, is simply Bluff ah! "In the case of sale can not be found, he had found the manual begins with a customer service phone manufacturers, and get in touch with them, the other keen on the idea to help him contact the after-sales, the result is the trail." They even have offices in Huaibei and shops are not, have no way looking to start looking. "Faced with the merchant does not keep promises, I had some frustration. Subsequently, the reporter to call the phone after-sales warranty card offers, but has been in a state can not answer, then Guo reporter Youyi identity call the customer service phone manufacturers, the other admitted receive 10 annual service fee, free to send water purifiers, they are the manufacturers of an event, why not find for sale, manufacturers customer presentation was vague, and told reporters certainly will arrange sale and Guo contact. when a reporter asked when Huaibei whether fixed place of business, the person said because of extensive business failed to set a fixed place of business As of press time, the manufacturers without any contact with the personnel Guo business sector: shopping should choose for regular business premises of the matter, reporters consulted the industry and commerce departments, staff said, because the brand water purifier business in Huaibei City no fixed place of business, nor to the business sector registered record. if had to leave contact information and then can not get through, buyers encounter when quality and after-sales issues will be subject to rights of the victims of the phenomenon. Guo situation like this, the staff suggested that he may make a complaint to the manufacturer location of the business sector. in addition, the business sector to remind the general public, in the face of such marketing products Do not believe the lies sweet business, be sure to buy them after verification by the business sector demand, it is best to have a fixed place of business, in the business to make a purchase after the business sector registered the record. If you find such a phenomenon, also can dialHit 12315 consultation and reporting.

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