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   Looking back at the first half of 2018 has disappeared, many companies and individuals have carried out summary years, that is a summary of the achievements and shortcomings of the past, but also look forward to the future goals. In the past six months time, IMRITA Ai Mate by virtue of its stringent requirements for product quality and other management systems, gained global recognition Certification Center Co., Ltd., the embrace by three authoritative certification.

   practice honesty and responsibility IMRITA Ai Mate repeatedly been affirmed

   Previously, the whole house water purification depth IMRITA Ai Mate brand has won the "quality of corporate integrity", "China Water Purifier Top ten influential brands "and" water industry hundred brand "and many other honors. May this year, IMRITA Ai Mate again awarded the important institutions "ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification", "Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification" and "environmental management system certification certificate" certification authority " that this is the recognition of IMRITA Ai Mate brand development, but also highly praised for IMRITA Ai Mate brand strength and product quality.


   in 11 years, Emma IMRITA not only special attention to the management of quality, environment and occupational health and safety and other aspects in product development and design also invested a lot of energy, such as the introduction of advanced design concepts and autonomous and independent research and development of innovative technologies, the very high-end aesthetic atmosphere elements with modern water purification perfect combination of technology; heritage will also be more and more fashionable elements into the design of water purification product design, the design of a high degree of compliance with the depth of the whole house water purification system, the new generation of consumer groups, preferences, and get dozens of technology patents, will perfect the whole house water purification depth to a higher position.


   as a whole house water purification depth of brand presented and advocate , IMRITA Ai Mate has an independent R & D base, from business development to date is to attract many entrepreneurs to join the brand agency in the past, until now, IMRITA Ai Mate has provided hundreds of flagship brand in the country shop, is worth mentioning that among these flagship stores, there are many stores occupy a pivotal position in the entire water industry.


   If selected ten netWater Brand IMRITA Ai Mate is to ensure a healthy life, then the whole house has IMRITA Ai Mate is the depth of water purification systems start high quality of life. Most water purifiers home appliances in the last piece of cake, want to join the agency purifier friends remember to grasp business opportunities, choose the real profitability of the brand to the water purification industry, and long-term business. Water purifiers top ten brands IMRITA Ai Mate times, providing eight major policies and strong support to join the 4-free eligibility to join, look forward to working with each and every lofty ideals, to add more water purification industry for agents brilliant colors.

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