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   Hunanpingjiang a high school 311 students ill in hospital, according to the CDC panel determines that the organizations Hunan Province, the Department of School student illness caused by contaminated drinking water is the main cause for the internal Song Shigella bacteria of dysentery. Although so far some students have been discharged from hospital after another, the other admitted, observing the students are in stable condition, but the water pollution incident caused mass poisoning has long been commonplace, must pay sufficient attention to the safety of drinking water.


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   In recent years, similar to water pollution incidents frequently exposed, concerns about water quality more and more deeply, many families have a strong health-conscious purchase of a water purifier . However, compared with developed countries, up to 70% of the water purifier penetration rate, there are still a considerable number of people are wondering: Is it really necessary water purifier How to buy a water purifier With this question, reporters follow Beijing Chaoyang?? Aunt Liu Beiyuan district of the United States arrived at a mall in Chaoyang District, focusing on the west side of the store a layer of water purification products monopoly area full of people, come to consult consumers flock.

   60-year-old Liu aunt took reporters wandering around together in the store, worked in Angel, the United States, Patio, A.O. Smiths stores in stop asking. Aunt Liu told reporters, one day find some weird color of precipitate precipitation after tap water at home, it is also strange to drink, so drinking more concerned about the health of their families. "Since then, our family has been drinking water filling the cell, but each time have to go downstairs and finish filling, older, very inconvenient, I heard that the water purifier can be installed directly in the home, today come to see look. "As to why the tap water at home will be unknown precipitation, Aunt Liu also said that very clearly.

   With this question, the reporter asked the store within the mall Patio of the shopping guide staff with professional testing equipment to do a comparison: the cup of water and a glass of purified water together, after detection DTS pen found purify water DTS value of 34, and the DTS value is ordinary tap water up to 350. DTS Chinese translation of "total dissolved solids in water", the more marked the greater the value the water, calcium, lead, mercury and other impurities. "Lets northern water more heavy, so the value is usually higher DTS, DTS values 鈥嬧€媜f normal drinking water should be 50 or less." Patio staff explained.

   that tap water is unknown whether there is relationship between the sediment and DTS values? In order to answer reporters suspected ofQ, staff turn electrolyzer into two cups of water, about 30 seconds, the water surface floating layer of yellow, cyan powder around the inner cup, looks very "dirty", almost no pure water Variety.

   "You see through such contrasting test, consumers can intuitively feel the state of water quality, and more understanding of the need for a water purifier installed." Patio staff said, "Patio the water purifier has a good filter, you can easily filter out the water impurities protect drinking water safety of residents. a lot of people are aware of this, more and more we sell water purifiers, and because " healthy living home appliances Festival "to carry out this two days ago to buy the consumer more."

   staff called "healthy living appliances Festival" is worth from October 21 onwards, Patio Gome carried out jointly with the three-week "net in the beauty of life" special promotional activities. It is reported that this promotion actions throughout the two-eleven last until November 13, will faiths maximum extent, so that more families to enjoy healthy water!

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