Should water purification equipment problems under discussio

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   of water for each of us is a necessity, is now the factory of water pollution is serious, the majority of municipal water treatment using chlorine disinfection method, and most forms of drinking water is already boiling, boil bactericidal but you can not remove the chlorine inside, so that the chlorine cause harm to humans.



   pollution will bring a series of diseases Medical experts recommend to protect the health should focus on the daily life of every cup of water began. 2/3 human tissue composed of water. Water is an important material to maintain the bodys physiological and metabolic activities. You must ingest 2-3 liters of water a day to maintain basic life activities. If sufficient water, blood, lymph circulation, the body can effectively absorb food nutrients, and excess substances such as toxins excreted.

   long-term safe and clean drinking water can bring health and longevity, while drinking unclean water, especially water polluted by heavy metals, it will cause a lot of terrible disease. According to the World Health Organization survey, 80% of human diseases related to water, poor water quality can cause a variety of diseases. World Health Organization survey showed that: 50% of child deaths worldwide is due to drinking contaminated water caused 25 million children a year die from drinking contaminated water caused by the disease, there are 1.2 billion people around the world and from drinking contaminated water suffering from various diseases, people died every day due to water, there are five million and more. In developing countries, 80% of cases and a third of the deaths are due to unclean drinking water caused. my country also has 500 million people from drinking unhealthy water led to illness and death each year.

   Water pollution is divided into several columns at:

   1, suspended solids: sand, rust, visible objects

   2 microorganism: bacteria, toxic cases, algae, etc.

   3, was dissolved inorganic: calcium carbonate, magnesium, sulfate, chloride nitrate

   4, heavy metals: mercury, arsenic,Lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.

   5, organics: pesticides, fertilizers, various types of industrial solvent, dyes, detergents, disinfectants

   [ 123] 6, radiation particles: a radiation particle generation nuclear industry and nuclear medicine

   It waterworks addition to industrial water, remaining civil water for three strictly monitored, and before the tube sprayed with disinfectant, so as to achieve health indicators issued by the State in terms of color, turbidity, smell and taste and so on. This point of view, water is the health and safety of drinking water. In real life, however, we still often see the muddy, smelly water. Perhaps we invisible impurities in it. Water purification is easily disturbed by various factors, such as weather, human reasons and the like; secondary pollution of water is another main reason. Dilapidated water distribution network, high-rise buildings of no long-term storage and other clean-up of secondary pollution of water and have become important problems. At present, my country uses the traditional water treatment technology has been used for nearly 200 years, including coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and other processes. It can remove some of the suspended solids, colloids and some bacteria. And tens of thousands of chemical pollution and other pollutants produced by modern industrial water quality impact, but it seems powerless. The impact of this pollution on the human body is a potential, long-term, tremendous. Especially chlorination process currently used, residual chlorine and organic matter in water of the water reaction of chloroform, the World Health Organization has been identified as a carcinogen severe. In the face of increasingly serious water pollution problems, our water treatment process, still in use decades: "precipitation, filtration and chlorine disinfection" approach, such a simple water treatment process, you rest assured that drink it [123? ]

   chloro brief:

   chlorine is yellow-green, strong suffocating odor, toxic gas. It is a strong oxidizing agent, carbon dioxide can be formed in contact with phosgene, can be liquefied under high pressure as a chlorine, a density of 2.48kg / m3, a melting point of -102 deg.] C, a boiling point of -34.6 deg.] C, white smoke in the air, easily dissolved in water, alcohol and ether, the waterHydrochloric acid solution is referred to.

   chlorine harmful to human what harm bring:

   chlorine serious harm to humans, it can stimulate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory and other. Cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia, paralysis of the respiratory center can be high concentrations, a "blitz death." Long-term inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in large amounts of free radicals in vivo, accelerate aging rate. The main condition is rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. After the chlorine added to the water, let your hair dry produce, fracture, bifurcation, but also make your skin bleached, shedding layers of skin and produce itchiness of psoriasis allergies. After the heat-chloro chloroform and other carcinogenic substances in water with an organic detritus.

   water disinfection methods

   chlorine disinfection China is currently the most common sterilization, simple particulate matter filtration, UV and ozone technology special areas sterilization.

   Filter water filter:

   using a ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis RO technology, without adding any harmful substances virus filtration by water, and can effectively remove particulate matter and residual chlorine odor and some harmful substances in water.

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