-Yen value- can not lose water purifier stores need to pay a

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   good things always make people feel good, and this also applies to the water purifier store store image design. If they could store water purifiers designed some naturally attract consumers to stop, we can also provide good communication space for the next shopping guide. Water purifier business profit margins in order to win in the fierce market competition, will not ignore the maintenance and upgrading of store image.




"face value" can not lose water purifier stores need to pay attention to store image maintenance (Photo from Internet)

   do terminal sales layout

   in the "winning channel, the terminal is king" today, for terminal work, a lot of water purifier enterprises attach great importance, both standing manufacturers point of view, is still on the dealers point of view, control of the terminal are of great strategic significance. Terminal sales can affect the lifeblood of the core market sales of water purifier dealers area, the operation of the terminal can be a good guide consumption, enhance the brand image, improve product flow for the dealer for a better more production space and resources. Thus increasing the sales terminal has become a water purifier dealers improve sales area of 鈥嬧€媡op priority.

   water purifier dealers need to enhance the image of the stores

   people do not need a water purifier as a consumer frequently used and purchased in their daily lives, their awareness is not high. When people buy water purification products, in addition to search for relevant information and listen to the views of others through the Internet, but also want to be able to experience the effect of the use of the product. And a place to store as consumers in direct contact with the water purifier, but also directly demonstrate an important site water purification products, how to make a variety of products at the end of the store counter put on the shelf, well attract the eyes of consumers, the impact of consumption key buying psychology, became the terminal sales of those lies.

   there is a psychology "first effect", referring to the importance of the first impression people exchanges, so as to store the image of the "first impression" Do not be sloppy. Especially in China, consumer brand awareness and consumer experience relatively scarce, people usually do preliminary pre-judgment by the brand image of the store, so beautiful, high-quality decoration and display design make people more at ease and more willing to get close. For water purification products, water purification business as a store terminal display area, it is particularly important.

   brand building service is not availableLess

   However, as consumers become increasingly demanding, just to beautify the store alone does not fully meet peoples needs. Water purification products not only provide "integrated coating solution", but also provide training, after-sales and other "one-stop service" water purifier brand flagship store has become the direction of reform terminal operating mode of the water purifier market our country, and It has a very strong vitality.

   The industry official said, the brands flagship store water purifier radiation surrounding areas can point to an area, greatly reducing the risk of customer transactions and time costs. At the same time, also can contribute to improve the level of service industry. Water purifier market from the original products to sell into a new phase of service marketing era, and constantly improve Terminal Services features will give the user a great water purifier to facilitate, promote consumers from "price-driven" consumer to "brand-led" changes in consumption, leading the industry to embark on healthy, healthy development track.

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