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   This is what we often encounter water pollution, and now is not new, and this is our most helpless; we have to act together in order to do a good job, can not count on others, but they are manageable. When we see the pollution, not to touch. Aheadache why the world what will happen, but annoying event. Since they do not like something, and finding ways away, not far away from human contact with water. For children, it is also necessary to pay, and use of household water purifiers also worry about this thing. Around us there are a lot of pollution incidents, to such an environment wondered, especially for parents day in how you want your child to drink healthy water. All know that children are the future of the flowers, the flowers in order to allow future healthy growth, good water is needed to irrigate.


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   Only do to protect themselves, to make health often accompanied by! Water pollution and food safety issues in these two areas have been our concern, the childs body immunity itself relatively low, coupled with the impact of these external factors, the childs health safety of drinking water and food so that parents are very worried. We can not change water pollution, but we can change the water quality through household water purifiers, let the water get deeper purification. Let us bring our family from pollution damage. Three factors

   The following small series for everyone to talk about drinking water:

   1, water hazards

   water companies use chlorine for disinfection and to effectively remove the odor, However, with chlorine water will smell of disinfectant, and easy to produce carcinogenic trihalomethanes after heating. While in the process of transporting water from the water plant to the home of, we will go through a variety of channels. The water pipes are mostly made of metal, will release a certain amount of harmful heavy metals in tap water, and long-term use of aging water pipes rust, rust as the water will flow to the users home, long-term drinking this water body will cause harm .

   is generally thought to boil the water is the most effective method of virus eliminate bacteria, but does not solve the water to boil water, heavy metals, inorganic substances and the carcinogenic toxic problems. And the water evaporates during boiling water, and thus will increase the concentration of harmful substances such as heavy metals, the boiling water will not completely solve the problem.

   2, bottled water hazards

   One might say,Since water has so many problems, I always use bottled water is no problem now. In fact, there are many buckets have failed on the market, some unscrupulous businesses in order to reduce costs, use low-grade plastic bucket to make. Meanwhile, during the summer peak water, there will be failure of pure water when demand is too large.

   in the use of bottled drinking water, how much water will come out how much air into the air of bacteria and viruses will also enter the water is no longer pure.


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   3, the effect of household water purifiers

   Household water purifiers to filter out impurities in the water, odors, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria and viruses Harmful Substance. Forcefully remove residual water and various ions, provide healthy drinking water. Use household water purifiers can get good quality drinking water, can effectively improve water quality, let us drink at ease.

   I believe many parents will choose a better school conditions, whether it is from the schools equipment, management, will always find the perfect school, after all, children are our efforts, for our childrens safety grow, every day Springs campus drinking a healthy overall aim is to improve student drinking water situation, change the way drinking water, "health" drinking water, thus allowing students to drink convenient, healthy, safe and hygienic safe water, as well as to improve the national health drinking water opens a new way.

   healthy life of their control, since the inability to change the living environment, it is an effort to control our own can control, choose a water filter will keep you from all natural pollution.

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