The selection of water purifiers what fancy

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   family home water purifier can purify water, protect water, health, fresh, delicious, contemporary appliances can be described as the "star." Water purifier to enter China thirty years, while well-regarded, but also led to intense competition, numerous new products available, under various promotions, consumers do not know where to start.


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   a concern water quality

   At present, there are water purifiers ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange technology, the four core technology . Areas of general water quality selected ultrafiltration machine chlorine remove the water, sand, rust and other substances can; poor water quality areas, the best choice for pure water to remove chlorine, bacteria, antibiotics, and other harmful substances. Due to the different water quality throughout, so in the purchase of water purification products, should consult in advance with the relevant local authorities or ask the water quality of local service providers to large brands, targeted to buy water purification products.

   Second, consider the quality of

   water purifier related to drinking water safety, life is precious, the absence of quality assurance, to talk about clean water, quality is of practical value, only the value of things, consumers will be willing to buy, and quality has a direct impact on the future use of effects, if used often bad, clean water no effect, such a product, of course, will affect consumers more influence corporate reputation and brand; for like Qin Park for decades, Angel and other big brands deep plowing field of water purification, water purification problem of raw materials and the product itself to brand products have better control of the degree of protection. This tells us that consumers do not get caught in the purchase of high brand reputation, misunderstanding is the product good, look professional is to look healthy.

   Fourth, the user experience

   Since said quality, of course, is the second most important user experience, and this consumer lives, household water purification equipment, experience is king, consumers after use, feel good, it will become loyal consumers and will bring more word of mouth marketing. In recent years, like the Patio, the United States, Smith, relying on a strong brand brand protection, water heater for the user to do a lot of customized services. Patio using their own advantages, such as the development of "incognito 365" water purification services platform, it allows users to achieve the warranty on software, Patio commitment within 24 hours to help customers solve problems.

   Fourth, focus on brand

   In these conditions less the case, I believe that more consumers will choose well-known brand products, this is not the blind pursuit of brand effect, such a life series appliances, the brand, it is a symbol of technological strength . Meanwhile Patio ultimate use of water-saving technology, combined with intelligent water purification and detection of the raw water quality, water conservation and more rational, do not damage the life of the RO, the best water-saving mode, the current market is relatively advanced water-saving technology sought after by consumers.

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