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   Modern society is a society of brand competition, only standing on top of the company, will be remembered and sought after; only the first brand strategy with innovative ideas, in order to further build a strong industry brand. As deep depth the whole house water purification water purification 11 years old --IMRITA Ai Mate believe that water purifier brand in order to complete two-way leap in market share and brand strength, it must be upgraded brand strategy.

   2016, the whole house water purifier brand Ai Mate ready together and opened a brand upgrade VIS based company Ai Mate simple, the atmosphere, international brand image, the concept of living water will flow to the companys unique combination of letters and whole house water purification system of product attributes, innovation and design a new IMRITA Ai Mate brand LOGO, while Chinese font English font continuation of strokes, the overall style pursue rigorous, uniform, neat and stable sense, conveys Seiko, tough, international business qualities. Black label color, but also highlight the rigorous, high-end product positioning. For IMRITA Ai Mate brand innovation, industry experts said, IMRITA Ai Mate brought a new image and a new brand strategy will be to win a bigger market.

   Moreover, with the current changes in consumer demand, the water industrys market environment has undergone a subtle change to 80, 90 of the main consumer groups, the more the quality requirements higher and higher, in which case, the whole house water purification become a mainstream trend. As proposed and advocate of whole house water purification concept, IMRITA whole house water purification Ai Mate brand clenched this positive trend, played a beautiful trilogy, we will start to win in the general direction of the market.

   a: grasp the "brand success" principle

   As we all know, the influence of the brand upgrade is not the temporary effect, but sustained role in the future development. 2016 Ai Mate is already planning to upgrade the brand strategy, IMRITA after the VIS upgrade Ai Mate, more precision on the visual image, tough, international. For now, the benefits of upgrading to bring the brand is already significant, whether IMRITA Ai Mate consumers, or new partners join, has emerged as a significant growth trend, we are very pleased to see this phenomenon, but in fact the biggest change comes from within the enterprise, upgrade the brand so that more IMRITA EmmaSpecial people recognize that sense of urgency to changing industry trends and brand transformation.

   face of other brands to follow suit and the whole house custom homogeneity increasingly serious situation, IMRITA Ai Mate stick divergent routes. From whole house water purification brand leader to create unique "whole-house water purification system depth brand" transitional, let IMRITA Ai Mate quickly in the fierce competition in the market, leading the development of the whole area of 鈥嬧€媡he house era.

   Two: Remember "product is king" rule focus on innovation, stick to the core value of the product

   parties have quality brand, successful brand has the backing of indestructible quality, quality is good or bad determine the survival and development of the brand. Quality is an attitude, but also a corporate culture. As a leading brand of whole house water purification, IMRITA Ai Mate brand whole house water purification depth attention to every detail of the product, focus on the customer experience every feeling, has been actively innovation, upgrade product features, optimize the user experience, open up business areas, with application solutions and complete product line with industry forward-looking, to show consumers the corresponding IMRITA Ai Mate and whole house water purification products made it advocates a solution.

   to enter the field of water purification since, IMRITA Ai Mate has always insisted from the consumer point of view, focus on innovation, research and development and technical frequently force gradually laying a professional water purifier brand position. At present, the traditional water purifier only to ensure the safety of drinking water, but cooking in the kitchen, bathroom shower and other household water safety was not guaranteed. IMRITA Ai Mate comprehensive family health water mining user unbalanced "pain point", according to the different needs of water users point of the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc., to build a strong whole house water purification whole series, "The End water purification, water purification center series, bath water purification, pre-processing "series four series ecological form layout, comprehensive approach to improve household water and improving consumer environment.

   future, IMRITA Ai Mate will continue to be high-quality, user-friendly high-end water purification products, create a more comfortable, healthy and high quality of life for the global consumer health water purification.

   three: take the "customer perception" guidelines

   enter 2018, whole house water purification field seems to be heating up staking their claims. Ebb Tide, the brand, distribution network and the production of delivered power have become the enterprise to survivebase. Since its inception, IMRITA Ai Mate now has more than 500 sales flagship stores all over Easyhome, Redstar, country homes "and other high-end home building materials supermarkets, products well received by the trust of the people.

   [123 ] at the customer service level, IMRITA Ai Mate adhere to the "home service began," the idea of 鈥嬧€媍ustomer service, and through this idea to pre-sale and after-sales service among all flagship in IMRITA Ai Mate store, have professional customer service staff to consult customers into the store careful patient explanations; already sold and installed the product, after-sales staff also regularly come free for customers maintenance, allowing users to enjoy healthy water quality at the same time, IMRITA Ai Mate experience caring service.

   IMRITA Ai Mate has a large field of view, not only horses with spears, but ingenuity and determination, from the enterprise to the market, from brand to marketing, from the terminal to the store, have a more modern, unified brand output, rapid increase brand influence, brand to consumers fission.

   understanding of water purifier Ai Mate brand details click on

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