We never could get your internal organs when the filt really

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   never could get internal organs when the filter!

   because you and your loved ones visceral far more than a few thousand dollars!

   dear friend, for you and your loved ones please carefully ! read the

   world Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that:

   80% of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths are related to poor drinking water quality.

   Due to water pollution,

   Every year 50 million children die,

   35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease,

   70 million people suffering from stones disease,

   90 million people have hepatitis,

   30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer.

   Even for children: no matter how poor they have installed a water purifier

   incidence of new species due to water pollution caused by more and more, drinking water pollution has become a major environmental problem.

缁濅笉鑳芥嬁鍐呰剰褰撹繃婊ゅ櫒 鎮ㄧ湡鐨勪細鍚庢倲鐨? src=

Water pollution in cities

缁濅笉鑳芥嬁鍐呰剰褰撹繃婊ゅ櫒 鎮ㄧ湡鐨勪細鍚庢倲鐨? src= Water Pollution

industrial emissions

缁濅笉鑳芥嬁鍐呰剰褰撹繃婊ゅ櫒 鎮ㄧ湡鐨勪細鍚庢倲鐨? src=

polluting chemical fertilizers and pesticides on water quality

缁濅笉鑳芥嬁鍐呰剰褰撹繃婊ゅ櫒 鎮ㄧ湡鐨勪細鍚庢倲鐨? src=

life sewage water pollution caused by

缁濅笉鑳芥嬁鍐呰剰褰撹繃婊ゅ櫒 鎮ㄧ湡鐨勪細鍚庢倲鐨? src=

faucet quality problems are frequent, serious secondary pollution of water

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