You do not know the water industry -hidden rules-

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   water pollution, water quality unsatisfactory, so that more people started to pay attention more conscious of healthy drinking water, which also contributed to develop water industry and water purification products. Variety of filtration of water purification products, water purification way has appeared in the market, especially to intercept bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, while preserving the beneficial elements of membrane technology, the water purifier by more and more consumers.

   the popularity of domestic water purifier has been accelerated increase, however the market by selling water purifiers and not all reassuring. Maybe you used related products, maybe you just see reports on water purification product quality, installation problems from some news media, poor drinking water purification products not only failed to bring health to consumers, but to consumers life brought trouble.


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   First Price layers of overweight

   in the water purification products market often see such a phenomenon exists, in order to enhance their sales hit low outrageous prices to attract consumers, when consumers buy to wait until after installation, the installation requires charge a fee. If consumers choose to install even do not provide after-sales service, which makes many consumers have been "slaughtered" feeling. This one-shot deal acts, not only harm the interests of consumers, leaving the water industry credibility damaged.

   The second pseudo environmental protection

   As contamination problem has attracted much attention, low carbon, environmental protection has become an inevitable demand of the times, the water industry naturally followed the pace of development of the times , have unfurled the banner of "low-carbon and environmental protection". In fact last year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine found in the sampling process, there are some quality problems, which also contains a number of foreign brands, mainly arsenic exceeded. Any development of an industry will inevitably attract some opportunistic people to "fishing for money", mainly on the hands and feet in materials, shoddy, leading to serious problems with product quality. Water purification products market is no exception, in the case of high-speed growth of the industry, herd quality, but off a large number of brands, so try to choose a full range of well-known brand or brands consumers purchase qualification documents.

   The third quality tests

   is one of the main categories of ultrafiltration water purification products, such machines the main body 304 stainless steel, some manufacturers considerThe cost of 304 stainless steel cut corners, resulting in greatly reduced the stability of the water purifier. On the gooseneck faucet water purifier, many manufacturers do not adopt good quality copper pipe, resulting in the situation have occurred during use gooseneck faucet leaking. Superb production technology is the basic guarantee of high-quality water purification products, many manufacturers have said they have advanced production lines. But for the water purification industry herd situation, many small factories hardly on the scale of the production line. Thus, consumers buy water purifier, look only to the manufacturing process of the water purifier, but also asked about the factory site, production equipment and processes.

   The fourth installation is not professional

   a number of water purification products in order to save cost, installation is to select some scattered guerrilla team, to know the water industry circulating this statement: "Three quality, seven installation. "the importance of demonstration installation. In the purchase of water purification products, manufacturers should pay attention to understand the situation of production and operation, whether a professional installation team, whether a dedicated service department. Also note that verify qualification of home water purification agents, such as saying that foreign brands, ask them to show relevant evidence.

   in the water purifier market chaos of the moment, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Committee led the development of "drinking water processing core household and similar purposes" and "household and similar drinking water treatment device "regulations, the water purification industry will play a regulatory role.

   The fifth service imperfect

   on how to choose the right water purification products, in addition to see how manufacturers of technical outside, it depends on how the sale. A complete company is bound to have a strong technical support and after-sales service as a business.

   Therefore, consumers in the purchase of water purification products in addition to focus on brand quality, it is more to pay attention to its after-sales service system is perfect. Due to the lack of after-sales service business, resulting in the consumers home water purifier lost due effect, but there is no money to achieve the desired effect, so that consumers more harm than good.

   Of course, the really good products, good manufacturers, is bound to pay more attention to service, with a strong sense of service, because they understand that service is a business success and failure.

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