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At first work, a senior once told me, no matter which industry to join in, we must bear in mind two words: GS. Beginning not understand, but conning, but that it has guided my career going.


some time ago, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed rail "shabby," the news spread, could not help but think of it this past off antecedent.

   What is "GS", in fact, the breadth, depth, height and speed. When the words including almost a must-author of professional quality, but does not recall seeing the market area rich in water purification agents to join the peoples case to test the water, the words do for water purification Agent The same applies.

   a, breadth.

   on water purification agents to join, the breadth includes at least two meanings: First, before joining the study of water purifier should be broad.

   for water purification agents to join to join the agency, this is very important. The national water purifier brand as many as thousands, let alone if there is no extensive investigation and study, do not easily make decisions on the international. With extensive knowledge and study in order to have more, have more, in order to find high-quality platforms and projects. Choice is more important than the effort to join in terms of water purification agents, to make the right choices is the first step to success.

   love Guy recommended water purifier Agent should be properly dispersed, do not hang in a tree, to avoid the terrible consequences of hanging by a thread.

   Second, the depth.

   What is the depth? For people writing the article, the text should be a good depth satisfactory evaluation of the most important depth of visibility. Agent in water purification, but also to remember not to float on the surface, self-deception.

   preceding said: If there are no widely known and study, do not easily make the conclusion that decision. But even if you look at the tens of millions of home platform, each family would just take a look at the web interface fit together appetite, the team is not tall enough, good enough to support the policy, it can only be said to be tasted, floating on the surface.

   in water purification Agent of people most likely to commit such a mistake. When he was not familiar with the industry, with just rumor, gossip or friend, would dare to drop the money in, it is very unwise.

   investigated a water purifier brandIt is a progressive approach to follow this process: from public feeds probably know, whether the relevant market feedback information from the judge is really the strength of the brand, from a multi-disciplinary assessment to roughly determine the water purifier brands market share ( there are no professional sales team, brands have not noticed water purification agent market to guide the work of the franchisee, service how to do, whether there is a sound service system), whether there are advantages such as technological innovation to determine a water purifier brand whether they have a better market and expand development.

   Here love Guy might give you some advice. From his more familiar brand began - whether the brand development model, or market support features, such as some of the investment to join the brand focused on the water industry sector, it may be more research to examine a little easier.

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