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   China Building Materials News: Winter came quietly, in the face of unparalleled beautiful snow, Xiao Bian said cooling came too suddenly, just want to drill bed. Circle of friends is also not spread so well, the weather, the most suitable nest in bed, eating led, watching TV.


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   Speaking to watch TV ah, than the "young and beautiful" big recent hot tyrants screen, looking at every possible way to care for the hero Tuoba Jun Li is young heroine , my heart is always warm, single girl estimated to be crying halo in the toilet, feeling, why God did not give me such a big warm man? in this cold season, warm frozen little heart.

   Now there will be more or less drama romantic plot, teach you the strength or sister tease tease Han. Last years hot drama "descendants of the sun", but came out on top, Liaode just a bunch of sister national call her husband, can not wait to find one of their own "Song Zhongji." Now look "young and beautiful", and whooped looking for a "Luo Jin."

   In fact, most of the romantic drama is not suitable for the real world, after all, romance can not eat, we, as ordinary human beings, first of all should be the emphasis of survival.

   However, take a look around us, the living environment has become increasingly harsh winter comes, almost every day in fear of PM2.5, fog and haze is so many people suffering from respiratory diseases, However, there is one thing in a serious threat to our normal life, and that is water pollution. Look around us, even more serious water pollution, urban water problems frequently, as well as news a few days ago reaction households tap water now, "parasites" Water Company:? Insects or climb out from underground pipes. Regardless of the reason, we should be concerned about our own drinking water health. As soon as possible for themselves, their families install a water purifier, to protect our drinking water safety, protect our own health. So, in the winter, to say what the most successful tease sister? Xiao Bian think it should be a water purifier. Why? Other things money can buy, but to bring health care water purifier is the daughter of a Waldo can not be exchanged. Send your water purifier talent is put you on the apex of the people for the sake of your health!

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