Water purifier common marketing model has a large inventory

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   is a sales technique, but also an art. As a sales company for the production and marketing chain, the most critical part, selling directly determines the value of the goods and products and can accurately convey to consumers, determines the ability of the business to ensure a smooth earnings. Sales channel is not smooth, poor sales, the product is difficult to sell. Only business sales in an important position, the implementation of advanced, advancing sales model, in order to surprise attack.



   1, will sell (sales meetings)

   a classic "will sell" mode, the dealer organization somewhere in the planning, with local neighborhood or contact a good property management companies, health lectures or fraternity in the community, especially retirees invited to a meeting in the community of the elderly, by the dealer or manufacturer invited several experts to teach health knowledge, the relationship between drinking water and health teaching, teaching tap water of harmful substances and hazardous to human health, stressing the principle of clean water, gradually into the theme, stressing the need to use water purifiers and effects, speak their own product advantages, features and functions . This look at the lecturer level, and if you can impress the audiences heart, obediently took out money. In some, such as cold water on the spot demonstration of tea, white wine to taste, soy sauce to color, conductivity pen test, test, and so on electrolysis of water is more intuitive small trials to demonstrate the efficacy of their own products magic; some also provide free afternoon (late) meals or gifts in order to contact the feelings.

   2, net sales (Internet sales)

   use the Internet to open online store, engage in online sales, new development in recent years, a new marketing model, now on the Internet has many can be found in the sales of water purifiers, and indeed it was also through its online purchase of a water purifier. Overall, net sales in the country is still in its infancy, it water purifier sales in the role and the share, as well as the test of time and proved to be practical. Through the Internet, by foreign orders, there are many examples of cost very little, it is a worthy attempt of export channels.

   3, exhibition

   exhibition is the opportunity to use the exhibition, on the one hand to show their own enterprises and products, looking for partners, looking for distributors; on the other hand also sell some products. But in recent years, sales in the domestic exhibition is not ideal, because now manufacturers more, way more sales, information flow, and the show is much tooMore, some exhibitors on the show more than the people who visit, the effect can be imagined.

   4, advertising sales

   Advertising itself is a means of promotion, the question is how to serve ads? Where is Gordon? General TV, rarely seen water purifier ad in a newspaper First, small-scale water purification plant generally, less sales, poorer, and production of water purifier profit is not high, can not afford the high cost of advertising. High sales of the companys income statement face, but service a headache, there is a big risk, claims leaks have occurred. Magazines, advertising volumes of raw materials (e.g., activated carbon), components (such as filters, membrane element) is effective manufacturing.

   5, lease

   or seven years ago someone told me about this idea: rent not sell, rent the home water purifier user, installed in the homes of local residents, the net water is still the ownership of the company, sub-Division responsible for installation, maintenance, change the filter, etc., rent to the user, such as a day or dibasic. The closet also has multi-function water purifier or other types of water purifiers, water machine leased units, such as offices, schools, enterprises, to charge them rent. Leasing may well be a new water purifier marketing mode, so users should not have to worry about, so willing to accept water purifier. But once spread need not a small start-up capital, the effect remains to be seen.

   6, hypermarkets, department stores

   The water purifier into hypermarkets (such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Tesco, Trust-Mart, etc.), department stores to sell of course is a good thing , help to improve the water purification industrys overall image and visibility, so that more people know water purifiers, water purifiers to understand, buy a water purifier. But such enterprises and products too, on the one hand, supermarkets, department stores, high-threshold, high-cost, small businesses across into, can not afford; on the other hand, water purifier sales need professional knowledge, general salesman did not have; water purifier sales service more stores trouble; water purifier sales takes time to accumulate, store and sees poor sales in the short term or on the sideline Withdraw quickly.

   7, household appliances supermarket chain

   appliances supermarket chain (such as Gome, Yongle, Five Star) is another water purifier product sales channels. Its sales model more mature and formal, in favor of brand communication and good development. Products get together to form an effective competitive environment at the same timeTo attract the attention of consumers, it is conducive to the promotion of the concept of water purifiers. Randomness large audience. Many people visiting the home appliance chain supermarkets not have a certain purpose, it may have been around. People go appliances supermarket chain of distribution at all levels of consumption, water purification products for high-end needs of small efforts.

   8, stores

   factory direct stores have opened, more dealers open. Sell 鈥嬧€媋 single enterprise with a single product, there are a number of companies selling water purification products of the so-called "water purifier supermarket." Advantage of store brand image of unity is conducive to attract the attention of consumers. Drawback may be faced with a situation to make ends meet. At the present stage of development of water purifier, for most businesses, it is not suitable for open stores, and sales of investment can not be proportional. When the company developed to a certain stage, the store is an inevitable channels.

   9, the wholesale market (commodity market)

   Many towns have small commodity wholesale market. Large-scale commodity wholesale market in general, water purifier shops or stalls, engage in wholesale and retail, products are cheap but poor quality water purifiers. On the level of this type of product is not going to enter the wholesale market as demeaning.

   10 for other companies OEM

   water purifier business mostly small businesses, and some only one assembly plant, assembly of parts bought patchwork look, and some even assembly plant did not, simply to other factory OEM production, the two sides on a good style and price, contract manufacturing, of course, have their own brand, registered trademarks, go do a health document, to engage in the sale. Even large companies can not all varieties are their own production, but also to many other plant species OEM. So there are some major energy plant or a considerable part of the capacity for other companies OEM production of water purifiers, water purifiers due to the production of the plant more competitive, profit is not high, but as long as product quality, service and reputation passable , the factory also live on it will develop, produce just very busy, doing very tired, looks spectacular, in fact, little water.

   11, in cooperation with real estate developers or decoration company

   in cooperation with real estate developers or decoration company to develop, manufacture, promote the use of clean water is a good marketing model. We have an example in front of a plant with the said real estate developers, from the production of filter to produce water purifier.There are also companies, real estate developers and design institutes and joint, in the villa, while real estate development, the design of housing design took home water purification system, including, when a house built paved the piping system, the water purification equipment installed, when submitted to the owners of the water purification system at the same time handed, so to improve the quality of housing, the price of course also high; and I have developed in house whole house water purification system, central air conditioning system, they sell you, after all, there is also competition between the Housing development Corporation, so even sell the house. The results achieved real estate developers and water purification plant "win-win". A 150 square meters of commercial housing, housing nine thousand yuan per square meter, I have developed this housing whole house water purification system and central air conditioning system, high-end residential, plus five hundred yuan per square meter, the user can accept, increased seventy-five thousand yuan, whole house water purification system and central air conditioning systems which use Well, okay sell the house, the developer has made a fortune.

   12, contact enterprises, institutions, agencies, schools, military units and other developed welfare

   Someone once asked me to do RO water of Health this document (pure water is to go to other factory OEM ), when I asked him to eat where to sell? how pin? he said he was from Daqing, Daqing Oilfield, and other large enterprises are state-owned system, there are hundreds of thousands of workers, many welfare costs, are there any monthly bonus, quarterly bonus, year-end Award it, what saving award, innovation award, award rationalization proposals, what it costs high temperature, water purifiers can be made, as long as the relationship out through, that is hundreds of thousands of the market, you can do a lot of food to eat all year. In addition to the Daqing oil field, other fields it? Railway system? Highway system?-Powered system? These are flush with cash, a unit of endless ah!

   to a dealer, the local authorities , schools, banks, railways, civil aviation, transport, post and telecommunications, communications, power and water supply as well as other wealthy enterprises, the unit leaders working well (for example, to send a trial to on-site installation), when the unit welfare hair is entirely possible. ! It might also bring a large

   13, experiential marketing

   experiential marketing approach also has two categories: one is to install a water purifier in the store, especially for customers of the future potential customers to try, enjoy the experience of pure (clean) water taste, experience the fun of pure drinking water. Of course, not only is drinking water, but also to listen to music, massage and so on, so that he (she) every day to experience such a wonderful life,About 1/2 to 2/3s customers will experience a week after the purchase intention, of course, Miss shopping guide publicity, to do the work. The other is to let him (her) home to experience the fun of pure drinking water, to not make money, and make good use of the three days (or a week) later payment; with the bad, three days after the water purifier retreat it wants to come back, most people would choose to buy. After personally taste Purchasing Guide, account manager of marketing publicity and customer experience, most users will brought home water purifier.

   water purifier market is the driving force of technological progress, technological progress is underway to promote water purifier sales, market opening and expanding the role of the two complement each other and promote each other. Water purifier to today, a large technically little progress in recent years to improve the water purifier, often to improve local technology, production processes, product appearance, spare parts, etc., on the mechanism of clean water and no major breakthrough. But even these improvements are market-driven, not technology or staff sitting in the office tried to think out of the lab.

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