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   water purifier completely changed our drinking habits, but also solve a lot of local drinking water quality is not up to. With water filter gradually into ordinary peoples homes, in the daily course of what issues we should pay attention to it?



   1, often flushing of water purifiers, because the filtered water purifier main impurities and harmful substances, filtered, and then there will be many impurities remaining in any of the water purifier, the purifier after each use, preferably under the tap to remove the single-core clean, to ensure the quality of the water.

   2, if the water purifier is not used beyond three days, then, before the next use of the water purifier should filtration membrane rinsed with water several minutes, until the water purifier inside the drain standing water on it.

   3, water purifier after use must be kept in a wet state the inner core of the membrane, if the wet film was placed a long time will cause it to become very hard, not very small amount of water in water filtration, the result will result filtered out.

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