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   June 28, two-day 2018 (Third) Water Forum opened in Nanchang. The forum of "strong early anyone remains in the heart, cohesion provision of new roads" as the theme, gathered in a "big coffee" from across the water industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities of water supply companies in the new age.



   water supply industry, peoples livelihood, as necessary to support the construction of ecological civilization and to achieve a comprehensive well-off society in a key ring, how to solve the "peoples increasing need for a better life and not the contradiction between the inadequate development of balance ", a new mission and a new power supply industry. Liters of water purification as a leader in the field of water treatment, were invited to attend. The

   forum liters of water purification chairman Chen Lianggang made the theme of "the future of water" an important speech, directed at the forefront of the worlds water supply professional solutions to problems.



   Chen Lianggang chairman mentioned liters of ultra filtration membrane is introduced into the water supply industry beginning of the heart, the fundamental purpose of the peoples happy life.



   and personally, clean green technology by ultrafiltration membrane as the core of the third generation of drinking water, continue to solve the problem existing in the traditional process, such as: microbiological safety, turbidity, 3% -5% sand filter wastewater problem, the problem of algae, water fluctuations, unfriendly environment, the site mentioned standard transformation difficult, dispersed population drinking water, minerals excessive problems.



   in 26 years, liters of water purification has been uphold the beginning of the heart, make unremitting efforts to solve the traditional water supply with the strength of these problems.

   Kaohsiung, Taiwan beat Lake Superior water purification plant, one of the worlds largest ultrafiltration membrane water (water purification Nissan 300,000 m3), from 2007 liters of industrial uses ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to achieve blending the water, has been in continuous operation for 11 years, continues to break the world record ultrafiltration membrane operating life.



   Beijing liter water nine plants through the use of membrane technology to achieve the recycling of the sand filter backwash water.



   Moreover, liters of water ultrafiltration membrane technology in the new cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Nantong, Tianjin, Anhui, Hainan, and the old waterPlant renovation project been widely used as membrane water plant demonstration project.

   According to incomplete statistics, to date, the current application of liters of water ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration membrane water proportion in the country of close to 50%.



   speech, Chen Lianggang chairman liters of water purification combined with water supply engineering experience, the future development of water works, a new solution. Will be a combination of ultrafiltration membrane technology + + + things of the equipment technology roadmap to achieve set safety, economy, environment-friendly technology and equipment in one of the objectives and requirements.



   What kind of future water? Chen Lianggang chairman stated:

   future water development, by ultrafiltration membrane as the core, plus a combination of technology to solve microbiological safety of the water, turbidity and other problems, a combination of networking management tools, and by replace the existing equipment of engineering, greatly reducing future water plant construction period, operation and management costs. Making this technology the way, not only for the city water plant construction, but also for the construction of rural water works, so well-off society of Chinese urban and rural people to drink to spend truly safe and healthy water.

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