What is the ranking of mineral water

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   There are many brands of mineral water, which is good brand of mineral water below take you look at the ranking?.




our brand policy of special funds and the Ministry of Information Industry of China to support the brand strength index discharged China XII mineral water brand, which in turn is Nongfushangquan, Master Kong, Wahaha, unity, music 100s, Yi Bao, Hengda ice fountain, ice gel, Watson, Nestle, hundred mountain, the Kunlun mountains.


1. The farmer spring mineral water is well-known Chinese brands. The manufacturer has Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, Jilin Changbai Mountain, Danjiangkou, Hubei, Guangdong Evergreen Lake, Baoji Taibai Mountain, Xinjiang Tianshan Manas, Emei Mountain in Sichuan, and Guizhou Wuling Mountain Eight high-quality water base.


2. Tingyi mainly in China engaged in the business of production and sale of instant noodles, beverages, confectionery and related industries, has set up a production base in China more than forty cities.


3. Wahaha is Chinas well-known mineral water brand, has 11 consecutive years ranked first in Chinas beverage industry in sales revenue, profits, profits and other indicators, to become Chinas largest, best benefits, the most development potential the food and beverage companies.


4. Unification of Taiwan food manufacturer Unis holding company, is one of the leading manufacturers in China of Taiwan-funded non-carbonated drinks and instant noodles, the main products for the beverage and fruit juice drinks tea.


5. Robust Danone Group is the companys products, one of Chinas top ten enterprises in the beverage industry, product trademarks "Robust" is the Chinese food and beverage industry is one of the few by the State Trademark Bureau finds that the "well-known trademarks."


6. Cestbon is China Resources Beverage (China) Co., Ltd. products, "Yi Bao" brand bottled water is also Chinas well-known brands of mineral water brand list


7. Constant large ice-chuen, mineral water Hengda Group launched mineral water brand, Hengda football, Hengda Women only designated drinking water.


8. Ice is exposed Cola (Coca-Cola) company produced a mineral water beverage.


9. Watsons Water since 1903 has produced distilled water for Hong Kong people, since 1981, become Watson Group to play a more subordinate agencies.


10. In 1997 Nestle bottled water in China began to engageBusiness, with Nestle Pure Life, Nestle deep springs, was especially full and mountains of Yunnan spring four brands.


11. Mountain King hundred thousand natural mineral water using unaltered and untouched hundred mountain natural mineral water sources, one of the worlds high-quality mineral water is rare.


12. Snow Kunlun Mountains mineral water, bottling water sources insist, the factory was built at an altitude of 4115 meters, is the worlds highest mineral water factory.


2020-06-05 small series of mineral ranking is what a brief introduction, if you want to know can drink mineral water and water with you and more knowledge of family and home drinking water safety knowledge, but also Stay tuned to our website, hoping to content 2020-06-05 can be helpful to you.




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