The water is stagnant pot over it

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   stagnant water is stored for a long time and no running water, and boil off water is actually boiling water, then we have to know the water is stagnant pot over it? Let Xiaobian to tell you the correct answer.




can not drink stagnant water in the end? This problem has troubled many people, 2020-06-05 Xiaobian to tell you can not drink stagnant water, there are a lot of bacteria and microbes, after drinking very easy to make people sick, and burn off the water inside the bacteria have been and some microorganisms killed, then boil off the water is stagnant water it?


greatly accelerates Internet access to some information and asked some experts had come to boil water is not stagnant water of course, we can safe to drink, but do not drink stagnant water is.


dead can not drink, but also small series for everyone to put together some can not drink the water except:


1, raw water: raw water there are a variety of bacteria harmful to the human body , viruses and zoonotic parasites. Drinking unboiled water, it is easy to cause acute gastroenteritis, viral hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery and parasitic infections. In particular, it is now the size of rivers, reservoirs, wells are subjected to varying degrees, plant waste, domestic waste, pesticide residues and other contamination, drinking unboiled water more likely to cause disease.


2, aging water: commonly known as "dead", i.e. prolonged storage understand water. Often drink this water, for minors, it will make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development; it will accelerate the aging of the elderly; many parts of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer incidence increasingly higher, according to medical scientists study, may and long-term drinking water-related aging. The data indicate that the aging of toxic substances in the water, along with increased water storage time increases.


3, thousands of boiling water: thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water for a long time, as well as electric heaters repeatedly boiled water. This water too long due to cook, in water non-volatile substances, heavy metals such as high calcium and magnesium content and nitrite. For a long time to drink this water, it would interfere with the gastrointestinal function work, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will result in hypoxia, severe convulsions, coma and even death.


4, steamer Water: Water is the polar steamer steamed bread and other food leftover pot of water, especially after repeatedly used steamer water, nitrite concentration is high. Consumption of a variety of such water, or water boiled rice this will cause nitrite poisoning; Scale often enter the body with water, can also cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging.


5, not open water: people to drink tap water, are treated with chlorination sterilization. Chlorine-treated water can be isolated 13 kinds of harmful substances, carcinogenic, effect of abnormal conduction. Experts point out that not drink boiled water, suffering from bladder cancer, colorectal cancer is the possibility of an increase of 21% to 38%. When the water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, harmful substances will evaporate with the steam greatly reduced if they continue to boil 3 minutes, then drink safety.


Family Tips drinking water: Water is the essential substance of human activity, it looks simple, but the most easily overlooked. But a subtle neglect can lead to fatal injury, Avril children because the effect is obtained Lyme disease ticks insect bites result in several months bedridden is an excellent example! Therefore, please care for health care for every detail from the start, your health care from the most simple, but most start drinking water can not be ignored!




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