Patio grasp the theme of aly commercial water purificion set

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   health, is the root of all action. In recent years, more and more public health topic of concern, even once up to national level. Recent nineteen big party made a major decision to deploy the implementation of "Healthy China" strategy, emphasizing adhere to prevention, promote healthy and civilized lifestyle, prevention and control of major diseases initiatives, the health topic again to a climax. The pharmaceutical industry as an important pillar of the guardian of the peoples lives and health, once again by the concerns of all walks of life. China Net experts Patio water at the same time concerned about the health of the general public drinking water, medicine and safe drinking water industry practitioners in their daily work environment is also a concern and the guardian of its goals.

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   Recently, Patio and Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Minimally Invasive Medical) entered into a collaboration to provide healthy drinking water services to its office headquarters campus, to protect its employees daily drinking water safety.

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   It is understood that Shanghai minimally invasive medical devices (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is a leading high-end medical equipment group that includes minimally invasive medical science has Ltd. in Hong Kong listed company ( HK: 853) and other companies, the business mainly covers cardiovascular interventional products, 10 sectors orthopedics medical equipment. The Patio and minimally invasive medical cooperation can be described as combining the strengths together to co-guardian of safe drinking water medicine practitioners.

   Patio official said: "In Shanghai minimally invasive medical pharmaceutical companies such working conditions, not only need to meet a number of R & D departments, pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, logistics and so on, a lot of water needs of groups hot and cold water syncWhile also ensuring the supply of clean and healthy water quality, as well as clean drinking water equipment, to avoid bacterial contamination. "

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   learned that the drinking water needs of pharmaceutical companies, Patio commercial team is the first time to give to the minimally invasive medical office building customized solutions for office drinking water, in the company of each tea inter installation Patio drinking machine QS-ZRW-L14, minimally invasive medical office building to ensure drinking water supply on each floor, and gives it a three-month probation period, to bring security to 1000+ employees pure water park.

   on the safety of drinking water we are most concerned about, Patio L14 straight drink using commercial cotton + PP + RO + post carbide composite filter stage 4 fine filtration system efficiently, effectively filter impurities in the water particles, heavy metals, odor adsorbed the color, full barrier dirt impurities, to ensure the purity and safety of the water quality in water at room temperature terminal, L14 is also equipped with a UV germicidal function, health and safety at the end of the double protection of water quality. [ 123]

娌佸洯鍟嗙敤鍑€姘? src= in addition, for minimally invasive medical office workers features a large hot water demand, Patio commercial team has also developed a range of solutions: step-heating technology L14 drink straight commercial uses, heating more rapidly that the heat that is out to ensure that each cup of water are now burning hot water, high flow design also eliminates the need for ground water long wait staff to bring high-quality drinking experience.

   [ 123] relying on hard core product technology, clean drinking water Patio areas of deep plowing stopped working in the office, through specialization, customized net water solution for many enterprises to build a high standard, high comfort, health and safety net water environment, customer service in many fields including Unilever, purple clouds (South) headquarters, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Guangxi materials Group, peoples Bank of China and other famous enterprises and institutions.

   "In fact, employees only is an important asset and the key to the future development of the company to protect the health of employees, the company is the most basic element to maintain a competitive edge and sustainable development. Although a healthy drinking water project in the ring just happy employees, but a very important influence. "Industry experts commented. Patio in the future will continue to provide more comprehensive and professional and commercial water purification is more common environmental solutions, will implement the concept of healthy drinking water in the end. 娌佸洯鍟嗙敤鍑€姘? src=

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