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  The number of class filtration system is qualified? Publish Web Site: Published: 2015-12-08

   I do not know whether there is such a wonder in the purchase of water purifiers time: in the end a few levels of filtration system is enough to ensure their own water purification needs? Five of the filtration system has almost become the standard water purifier, and even some manufacturers have introduced 10 of the filtration system, may not be representative of the quality and quantity, in the end how many levels of filtration system is the best? As a focus on high-tech enterprises in the field of home water purifier, water purifier Walter now together with your analysis!

   1. The system does not represent more filters filter the better.

   As a general barrel effect, the filtering effect is good or bad depends on the accuracy of that part of the most fine filters, and not cumbersome filtration system. For example, Walter water machine RO-008 which is used in a model filter + PP composite reverse osmosis membrane filter + RO + post carbon filter cartridge 5 in combination, wherein the accuracy of the finest part of the filter will RO reverse osmosis membrane is a filtration accuracy of up to 0.0001 microns. If you take the filter system 10, the filtration accuracy of only 0.01 microns to more than purifier, but not as good as the filtering effect Walter good water machine RO-008. Therefore, in the purchase of water purifiers, filtration systems must not look much, but should remain a concern water purifier filter fineness mind.

   2. The filtration system should be in different regions have different filter combinations.

   of water quality in different regions can be described as varied, such as heavy metals exceeded the South, the North hard water, carbonic acid content exceeding the Southwest, northwest China sediment concentration. Different quality requirements of water purification filter system is not the same, the south mostly PP cotton, the RO reverse osmosis and activated carbon, mostly in North KDF, coconut shell activated carbon mineralization ball and the like. So also with the filtering effect is good or bad about local water quality, the water purifier to buy when you can know in advance about the local water, filter effects to help you choose a good water purifier.

   3. The filtering system required replacement costs.

   water purifier filter is the loss of goods, regardless of the cause is not in use after a period of time, all need to be replaced, and replace the filter not only need to buy cartridges, but also require professional removal tools and certain installation methods. In other words, filterReplace the core will have a cost, which is part of the cost not only includes the cost of buying cartridges, as well as labor costs to replace the filter produced. The more-stage filtration system, replace the filter has become even more frequent, the costs incurred would be less than the number of stages of filtration systems much more.

   In summary, the system filter stages not possible, but a suitable filter with high accuracy Local water purifier selected, not only can be efficiently selected from the net to meet their needs clean water water heater, and reducing the cost of future filter replacement.

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