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   inventory of nearly the end of 2017, the traditional industry continues to slump lingered bottled water dispenser, water purifier industry into the regulatory adjustment phase. People still have to discuss "good or good drinking water purifier," they share the water already turned out. Recently, the Guangdong several large industrial-strength coffee drinking water Xia science and technology co-founded, to be at the beginning of 2018 will be brewing up water Xia 3 years of new media sharing platform onto the market, to the already lively areas of shared brings a new note heavy bomb.


   2017 Water Industry Keywords: Criterion and Innovation

   in 2017 about the past, shared bicycles, new retail, B station, the second element, live, short video, a phenomenal mobile games and other new technology-driven economy due to the generated endless, profound reconstruction of the country way of life. Closely related to peoples lives drinking water industry, of course not be an exception.

   As early as 2015 Mount worship, ofo just took off, it was predicted that water purification industry, drinking is more prevalent than bicycle travel, and more prone to the effects of universal format, rigid demand and sustainable consumption sooner or later, the market determines the type of drinking water sharing innovation "Daniel" will appear; when its subversive, or than the current share cycling and other forms of body mass is greater. In fact, water Xia new media sharing platform is shared with the same period of fermentation bicycle, and quietly conducting market research, product development, software iteration, and gradually the country the choice of site testing.

   Chinas first batch of water purification industry pioneer - Mr. Liu Guangdong Fengyuan century, drinking water equipment Manufacturing Co. chairman also believes that the quality and safety accident of the traditional drinking bottled water caught fire and exploded qualified low, has given way to more and more users of the importance of drinking water facilities and drinking water health safety aware. Green, safe water purifier, because the market was mixed, the price confusion, is still in the market cultivation period and policy norms; that is, various consumer segments and water industry to join both ends of the business channel, we are urgently innovation business model, as soon as possible to break the existing brand uneven, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and change consumption habits to be bottlenecks, the real consumers, the water industry practitioners, national tripartite win-win model of safe drinking water.


   water of rivers and lakes Xia feelings: that is shared dreams

   According to the Guangdong water Xia Technology Co., Ltd.Co-founder, CEO, and Mr. Jie left CMO revealed that water from Man was first mooted in 2015, began a national pilot until 2017, iteration, the founding team of recruiting software and hardware have spent a lot of thought, cost.


   He also said water xia new media sharing platform implanted current trend of many elements: large health + Internet + Things + AI + + commercial mobile payment grafting + Shop + share + public cooperation, really touch the "sharing" of nature - to build a win-win situation. Platform consists interested in the health of the water industry, "water man" who formed, they are plenty already living franchisees, distributors various segments of the water industry, some want to improve the school or public space management side of drinking water safety issues, some has just invested "paladin" a cavity blood of ...... they have a common dream - to let every Chinese person to drink a glass of healthy drinking water temperature.

   "Water Man" who call in Fengyuan public drinking water equipment well-known brands century, to build a new water Xia media sharing platform, shared install clean water through the water station Xia new era for higher hospital consumer groups, schools, highway service areas, tourist attractions, such as maternal and child hospital scene, provided with a temperature of healthy drinking water. Hot water station using multiple filtering technologies, real-time filtering out chlorine in tap water, alkali, heavy metals and bacteria and viruses in the water, good taste, leaving conducive to good health minerals and trace elements. And on the consumer side, the experience is free, and the general public as long as the fingertip of a move, you can enjoy a scan code to achieve universal health drinking water public share.

   than a dream, "water man" who, water Xia new media sharing platform is a sustainable "shared" business model, which breaks the traditional distributors, resellers earn the difference between the wholesale and retail business model, but to use the model partner companies, the use of partner resources and mature project operation and management services to help businesses and expand the market, the implementation of water sector secondary share business.

   This time, the traditional "your money, my water supply," the water sector entity logic is different this time, water is a revolution in thinking and sharing of Internet thinking.

   Share Blue Ocean water filling: placeholder miracles

   a significant difference, compared to the massage chair, this type of crane machines like Timeshare Rentals business "shared" Water Man The new era of shared pureNet hot water station is not a simple product, it has created based on like Uber, and pieces like huge trading platform - shared water Xia new media platforms. In this trading platform, through data and algorithms to quickly supply and demand together, greatly enhance the user experience. Xia mall such as water, can match products and services online resources; shopping to send water equal commodity currency, public concern number to receive water, coins and other functions, can produce similar platforms like kung fu print replacement revenue model; drinking water comes straight Intelligent Man LCD high-end black film LCD screen, enabling audio video advertising revenue; also with the insurance, financial services cooperation ...... appear trading platform subversive tradition of innovation entities drinking water industry, has not yet appeared similar competing products on the market water , filling the blue ocean.

   Like Lei Jun said, the Internet age "stand on the outlet pigs will fly", now shared water drops and as the year of ofo, the strength of the incoming few and far between, who should placeholder, whoever are more likely to get more first wave of dividends. Data show that avoid public drinking water and industrial water is not only in the home water purifier market, the United States, Europe, Japan, Koreas penetration rate of home water purifier were 90%, 90%, 80%, 95%, and At present, China is only 5%, with high consumer demand has driven China water purifier market capacity growth rate of rapid growth, is expected to 2019 national household water purifier market penetration will reach 20% to 30%. Industry insiders predict that, with water Xia new media platform to promote the sharing of in-depth, water purifier market is expected to show an unprecedented rate of adoption, as shared bicycle just more than a year, they put the whole routine is equivalent to the worlds largest bicycle companies Like the annual output.

   future has come, the more sharing of resources, mutual win-win situation, the more likely miracles. For incoming drinking water by the traditional industry, this is a best of times, it was the biggest test of era decisions and courage.

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