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everyday life we 鈥嬧€媋re exposed to a variety of odors, mainly because of some volatile substances volatilized chemical small molecule dispersed in the air, is coated with the nasal mucus in the nasal cavity, the smell of mucus-binding proteins will seize odor molecules then bind to receptors on olfactory cells, produce messages back to the brain, so that people will feel the smell.


1, smell the odor molecules gripping protein 2, 3 olfactory cell activation, transmits a signal to the brain flavor variety of molecules, but the odor of odor molecules but congenial, all odoriferous substances molecule configuration contain phosphorus, arsenic, sulfur, antimony, one or several, rotten egg smell, usually contain organic sulfur element, such as hydrogen sulfide, thioethers; sweat smell is isobutyl ether; number of pesticides are They are ammonia, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements of the group, the volatile pungent taste. Bad smell, as a warning, can also be utilized for the benefit of mankind, such as odorless, colorless gas could have been leaked out is not easy to detect, household gas are now adding a very small amount of methyl mercaptan, it is easy to leak out He has been spotted.


In addition to taint


If the odor in water or air, that contains a description of some less common volatile organic compounds, which constitutes, as mentioned above, some sulfur-containing amino group volatile organic functional groups. The method of removing these molecules are generally fixed using the principles of these organic compounds adsorbed. Activated carbon is one of them, there are many tiny activated carbon pore structure, can effectively adsorb organic compounds. Cabinet deodorant, water treatment is the use of this feature to reduce the organic content of the activated carbon to remove odors of the!


odor in the air is easily dissipated, but the smell is very persistent in water, if the water odor, there is most likely to be the organic pollution. Like the river because of the stench multi discharge of industrial waste water, tap water because of the smell and more residual organic matter. So purify large water environment more inclined to reduce emissions, household water purification prefer filtered organic matter. Conventional household water purification equipment has a multi-layer filtering, and are in addition to smell activated carbon layer, and with the development of water purification technologies, reverse osmosis membrane technology has been widely used, currently on the market are pure water used reverse osmosis membrane technology.


different from the activated carbon with the principles of reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane is a semipermeable membrane, water molecules can pass through, and organic ions can not pass(It will be appreciated as the filter pore size is very small, reaches 0.1 nm, less than the diameter of the majority of organic material). Under pressure of pure water through a reverse osmosis membrane, and the ions and organics are isolated out of the film, along with the waste water is discharged. Household water machine generally equipped with pre- and post-activated carbon, and organic matter adsorbed improve the taste, the collection performance reverse osmosis membrane pure water and treated with activated carbon technology is effective in removing organic compounds and heavy metals harmful to the body, thereby eliminating off odor.



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