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  Tap water will be added during the processing of chlorine, since chlorine is harmful exposure, water purifier again favorable for consumers. Are attracted by the enormous potential water purifier market, a large number of small dealers, such as a flood, but also further increase the pressure to survive. Small dealers to find their own road of development, and to identify the profit point of the market, so they are not to be eliminated. However, the small water purifier dealers profit from the point where the real money is not an easy task. 鍑€姘村櫒甯傚満浜斿ぇ鍒╂鼎鐐?涓皬缁忛攢鍟嗘兂瑕佽禋閽变笉瀹规槗

   you have to know the dangers of chlorine

   a profit point: retail stores

   many small water purifier dealers are running a store or two. Since it is a store, of course there will be some no business relationship with unfamiliar customers to your door. Of course, home business is limited, and takes time to accumulate, the longer open those stores out of business more often than those near the store business is better.

   store retail business accounts for only a small portion of the overall sales. Small water purifier dealers do big business, it must be made by "shopkeeper" to "peddler", only to take the initiative to strengthen the channels.

   Profit Point two: community promotion

   With some well-known brands of guidance, some dealers have begun in a number of new real estate and community promotion.

   dealer usual practice is to recruit one or two sales area inside running, so the promotion is costly, salesman salary plus commission accounted for about 15% of the total gross profit. Remove some of the investment costs and the cost of advertising salesman, basically risks outweigh the benefits. Even recruit one or two strong operational capacity sales, how to retain talent, it is also small dealers headaches.

   water purifier market five point profit small dealers want to make money is not easy (picture from the network)

   Profit Point three: home improvement company,

   At present, there are many dealers deliberately to open up the home improvement companys channel.

   In fact, the home improvement company channels can be said to be a tasteless, tasteless gesture. Home improvement companies choose water purifier products require very low prices, which led to this channel could do only 20% of gross profit. The home improvement company usually takes Yakuan or monthly deductions and back issues, plus some small home improvement company shot from another place, bilk become the biggest problem.

  So most small water purifier dealers for this channel as a hot potato in general.

   Profit Point four: distribution channels

   a lot of water purifier brands are strengthening the construction of distribution channels.

   For a small financial strength of small dealers, this is indeed a way into the fast development of small output. However, the attendant that since the company developed a large number of distribution customers in a short time, follow-up and no good way to help these counties township retail product distribution customers, so these customer loyalty began to slowly weaken .

   For small water purifier dealers, follow the same path may be helpful for sales, but such help is temporary.

   Profit Point five: the Channel

   Almost all small water purifier dealers are watching the Channel envious, afraid of doing.

   project can indeed bring up a number flourishes boss, but also caused the collapse of a business. Because of the small water purifier dealers do not have the financial strength and do not have good social connections, more importantly, does not have the engineering experience and project will involve accounts receivable, bidding, business intelligence, and on-site supervision, the whole process It makes a lot of dealers are daunting.

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