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Twenty years ago, also belong to the middle of nowhere water purifier, and now with the worsening water pollution, and continuously improve the quality of life of the general trend, it has become a large enterprises to capture the layout of the land, from the "Pearl River Delta" "Yangtze River Delta" region to expand rapidly extended to the whole country.


The industry believes that water purifier as emerging industries, subject to three per cent despite the high price, the concept of hybrid, low consumer awareness of the impact of factors, water purifier market share not with , but has great potential in recent years as prices fall and technology continues to mature, the growth rate maintained at a forty-five percent or more.


The so-called water purifier, also known as home water treatment equipment, water supply with water pressure or increased pressure to achieve pure physical filtration effect of the current market common household water purifier is mainly used in ultrafiltration RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration techniques and even filter precision of the former reaches 0.001UM, whose filtration accuracy 0.0001UM.


"water purifier is an emerging industry in recent years, the future direction of development is also an important water appliances industry, the best choice to solve the current POU family needs." Vice President of China Water Industry Association Gu Chuan long represented.


It is understood that the cost of household water purifiers far less than bottled drinking water + cost of this "gold partner" of. Survey: the average water consumption per household per month is 5 tons. The average unit price of bottled purified water for the city: 6 yuan / barrel, the countryside: 3 yuan / barrel. Then:


The total amount of water inlet into the body is: 5 脳 (2% + 25%) = 1.35 (t) = 1350 (l)


with 18.9 liters of bottled water calculated: 1350 梅 18.971 (barrel)


monthly fee: city: 71 脳 6 = 426 (RMB), rural: 71 脳 3 = 213 (RMB)


annual cost: city: 426 脳 12 = 5112 (yuan) in rural areas: 213 脳 12 = 2556 (yuan)


10-year cost it ......?


20-year cost of it .......?


And a price between 1,000 yuan to 3,000 home water purifier general life of about ten years, every two to three years intermediate take only one or two hundred to replace a cartridge. we do notA rare household water purifiers in the course to better help families save a lot of costs.


China household water purification industry from nine decades of the last century began to sprout "in Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries and regions of the world during this period has begun to popularize the curtain opened, of which there are some brands begin aimed at the domestic market, the country began to appear a number of OEM business, these foundries in some companies has become a domestic water purifier market leading brand. "


As of 2013 low, our home water purifier number brand has more than four thousand, despite the fast growth rate of the brand, but the industry growth rate did not affected by the rapid growth of the brand, maintained a strong momentum of growth; by this drive, more and more companies have joined the industry . According to industry sources, after 2014, the number of water purifier brand will be up to five thousand, participating companies covering almost the entire appliance industry. There Quan Lu, Patio, net of the spring, a step the other old water purification business; Midea, Haier, Gree, nine-yang, may sound, TCL and other carrier-class appliance giant; Four Seasons song Mu sun rain and other new energy solar thermal enterprise; for the EU to send kitchen and other enterprises; there are 3M, Dalton, Everpure other imported brands.


the main battlefield of the water purifier extended from southern Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan and Fujian to the Yangtze River north of the beginning of sales there have been explosive growth in 2003, only water purifier sales 10 billion, while by 2013, this figure is close to 20 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40% for many years.


"but in the entire water purifier market, its share is less than three per cent, as it has many limitations, first of all is the price very expensive, easily a few thousand dollars, but will have to lower drinking fountains a lot, and often need regular replacement water purifier filters and machine maintenance, accustomed to people than the bottled water on call, people still feel a bit of trouble, so they need time to change peoples thinking. "an industry people who are said.


Gu Chuan also said that a long time, water purifiers relatively narrow niche distribution channels, price tens of thousand dollars, and from agents, vendors of this product to the consumer awareness is not high, and drinking fountains , bottled water is difficult to have a market advantage compared. In addition, it is worth noting that the entire water purifier market is still in the early stages of development, is not mature enough, showing "small and scattered," the characteristics of many enterprises is without adequate skillsSurgery, in the case of R & D strength to rush into, and take low-cost strategy game in the market, but the installation process too hasty, the urgent need to improve the product quality control. Several leading brands that are selling it clear spring dew, the United States, net of the spring, Patio, Mai and other eminent.


and most of the industry generally prospects for the development of water purifiers are more optimistic that the future of water purification technology will further mature, safety, ease of installation and maintenance, etc. will be greatly improved, the price will be with the decline, at least 5% to 10% decline per year. "The market potential for future water purifier is still very large, will usher in a period of rapid growth, the annual increase in more than 40%."



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