The new retail plus yards Easyhome brand Super Lynx open day

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   September 28 morning, Easyhome Jinyuan store Lynx Wiser Home Museum, guests together with the dumping of Sands "Easyhome brand Super Lynx Day" writing slowly emerged, which also marked Easyhome super Lynx brand officially opened.

   Easyhome Group President Wang Ning, Lynx home improvement retail business unit general manager winter a new, but still General Manager of Beijing Jinyuan store Zhouqiu Hong home and business representatives attended the meeting and delivered a speech to start.

(actually home Group President Wang Ning delivered a speech)

"2019 is a crucial year for the domestic retail industry sound great changes, but also the home industry facing a critical comprehensive reshuffle of the year, this is the challenge , but also the opportunity, the more the more outstanding era of great change beyond large enterprises, large-scale development of the times. "Ning said in his speech that the house had the super Lynx brand day, aims to create exclusive and actually the home of the "double 11", but is actually home to not only the event, but also ample opportunities for all partners. Day Super Lynx brand integration of rich resources in Ali online and offline, there will be a powerful burst of energy and potential influence.

(Lynx home improvement retail business unit general manager of the new winter a published speech)

It has been observed since 2016, Alibaba proposed new retail concept, less than three years time, the whole retail market has undergone tremendous Variety. For home industry is concerned, the low-frequency characteristic times of high customer a single, high involvement in the new retail road to discovery is made more stringent test, but this time House had the courage to play, the first to open and Ali join forces home improvement retail new era. Lynx home improvement retail business unit general manager of winter a new start in the meeting that is actually home to one of Lynxs most important partners for the day cats, this alliance is an innovation, which is the first day super brand an important means of linkage with the home store, regional dealer stores, but also to drive home the retail market development, while Lynx also come up with very substantial resources, hope actually home super Lynx brand sold daily.

(Easyhome Jinyuan Lynx wisdom Home Museum)

last year from 618 three days to break one billion opener 11 double winning 12 billion amazing record, actually home cooperation with Alibaba so downturn in the market could see more. 618 During the year, the House had 316 stores nationwide 198 City is a bright 5.83 billion wonEye achievement, this, actually home again join forces to create a super brand Alibaba day, imagine in strong hands after the new retail as an important measure to upgrade, bringing a win-win situation.

(Easyhome Jinyuan store Zhouqiu Hong, general manager of Beijing delivered a speech)

According to Wang Ning introduction, actually home with new retail tour Alibaba has gone through a year and a half, from building online and offline integrated marketing field, and then iteratively updated basic information digitization, transformation of wisdom stores, hardware and software equipment, actually home countrys 73 cities 110 stores turned "a new digital retail stores" to consumers It provides more experience. And this actually home Super Lynx brand is also the date of the start of the General Assembly chose the two sides together to create a collection of "new digital retail store," Golden Lynx source of wisdom Home Museum, according to Zhouqiu Hong introduction, Jinyuan store as actually home the new benchmark for retail stores transformation, spent a lot of digital transformation wisdom stores, opened a full range of "people, goods, field" digital upgrade. Takes full advantage of big data analysis capabilities enabling the general partners, we completed the transition from the past to the extensive marketing precision marketing to customers portraits, predict the behavior of individual consumers. Zhouqiu Hong revealed to the audience that this years Super Lynx Easyhome brand Day will achieve full coverage online and offline, including the debut of Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou city stood in four cities in 73 cities nationwide 110 all the stores involved, the two sides come up with sufficient resources, and provide consumers with more super explosion models, offers unprecedented intensity.

(Beijing Branch built the new building materials trade, general manager Wang learned speech as brand representatives)

as the Kohler brand representatives of the Beijing Branch of building materials to build a new trade school, general manager Wang said that now the entire home building materials industry are in a very difficult period, in this environment, strengthen comprehensive cooperation with Easyhome, especially new retail projects actually home to actively promote, the real feel positive role. This is actually home to the Super Lynx brand endorsement Japan has two platforms will be the brands image in the minds of consumers greatly improved, we will also come up with a super explosive materials involved.


as a super brand after 618 days, actually home together again with the Lynx will be the home to create their own brand of double 11.


(Source: Sina home, invasion deleted) [1twenty three]

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