Reform the industry structure changing water purifier busess

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   settled with the water purification industry enterprises growing, competitive pressure water purifier market further intensified, unable to adapt to market changes, the company will eventually be eliminated. The current water purifier market prospects are gradually emerging, water purifier brand strategy to accelerate the pace of expansion, promote the industry reshuffle, while the small water purifier brand forced occupies a corner, waiting in the wings. This is a changing era, market instability eruption at any time, water purifier business only to break the old thinking of the reform of the detention order "Zhimakaihua steadily high."


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   water purification industry brand pattern varied

   in 2016, is Chinas economic, political, social depth comprehensive reform of the year. Politically, in 2016 alone, the state of the water purification industry to develop policies frequently issued, but not extend to enforcement in some areas, this year the industry standards continue to improve, the industry set off a "green" revolution, purifier companies will naturally faced with the upgrading of the production process; on the other hand, the development of the era of technology, the Internet penetration thinking, traditional enterprises are faced with enterprise management, marketing mode, multi-faceted production technology upgrade; furthermore, from 2015 to early 2016, Internet companies, domestic well-known iT companies and some home appliance industry giants cross-border cooperation, which will undoubtedly indicates that the market structure of the industry has had a huge change.

   water purifier business development in transition in a proper way

   face of dramatic changes in the current industry structure, regardless of the industry some of the big brand water purifier brand or SMEs, should be carried out successful change, otherwise, waiting for them is eliminated and out. For water purifier brands, each financing cooperation activities, are taking advantage of the times to carry out reforms.

   For SMEs, want to break their own limitations, and change by change, and change into, and then gifted a way that the company reached a new level, can be in transition in several ways, one developed water purification technology principle, the development of new functional water purification products; secondly, to explore new business model, enterprise integration and optimization of resources. For example, brought about rapid development of the Internet age trend surging electricity supplier, water purifier business sales channels usher in a new turning point. Finally, in the original water purification products unit extension, change the architecture of their products, to diversify the direction of development of the industry, in order to expand market share. [1twenty three]

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