Our serious water pollution threatened drinking wsafety

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   of the size of the total length of 420,000 kilometers of river, lake, 75,600 square kilometers, accounting for 0.8% of total land area, water resources total 2.8 trillion m3, per 2300 cubic meters, accounting for only a quarter of the worlds per capita amount, ranking 121, is one of 13 water-poor countries. Chinas 640 cities have more than 300 water, 232 million people with an average annual water consumption grossly inadequate.


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of serious water pollution threatened the safety of drinking water (Photo from Internet)

   of sewage, wastewater emissions as much as about 1 脳 108m3 per day . Water pollution situation is even more shocking, a survey showed that the country currently has 82% of rivers and lakes are polluted to varying degrees, every year due to water pollution caused economic losses of up to 37.7 billion yuan.

   status of urban water pollution

   water pollution in urban industrial, sewage discharge. Municipal wastewater polluted rivers, but also endanger the city itself. The country currently has 381 cities are facing the threat of water pollution. With Chinas largest industrial city of Shanghai as an example, the citys five million tons of sewage discharged every day (not including power plant cooling water), which accounted for 80% of industrial wastewater. Due to these wastewater, sewage basically unaddressed flowing into the Suzhou River, resulting in Suzhou River has become a river of sewage. Experts pointed out that, if things go on, and soon the Huangpu River will also become contaminated river.

   rural water pollution situation

   As my countrys economic development and peoples living standards, resulting in serious environmental pollution problems are gaining attention. As the residents live in scattered rural areas, it is impossible for a unified sewage treatment, so the sewage pollution of water resources in rural areas is on the rise. At present, the annual use of agricultural fertilizers my country has more than 40 million tons, while the utilization rate was only 30% -40%. Pesticide use amounted to more than 1.2 million tons, of which 10% -20% attached to the plant, the rest are scattered in soil and water. Also, the use of pesticides and fertilizers and mulch substantial increase year by year trend of these will cause serious harm to the water.

   In recent years, intensive livestock industry turned from aquaculture farmers dispersed, surface contamination of factory farming, the livestock and poultry significantly expanded. According to the State Environmental Protection Administration survey in 23 provinces and cities nationwide, 90% of large-scale farmingNo environmental impact assessment through the field, 60% of farms lack the necessary pollution prevention measures. Related slaughterhouse, often directly to the hatchery animal blood, waste, livestock manure, eggshells poured into water nearby, leading to a large number of N, P, and the loss of black river water, severe eutrophication. Due to the widespread use of pesticides and other chemicals, resulting in many parts of the ground water is not suitable for drinking has seriously affected the healthy development of peoples health and the rural economy.

   Industrial Water Pollution Situation

   industrial wastewater that is discharged into the river without treatment, to the river and nearby people, animals and other organisms have brought endless harm. The wastewater containing mercury, chromium, nickel, copper, iron and nitrogen, phenol and other harmful substances, not only can make the river or modification must aquatic life, and irrigation water through these crops, not wither, grain containing toxins is , people, animals eat these grains or vegetables, and some poisoning, and some get sick, affecting the health of industrial and agricultural production and people. The methylmercury caused Minamata disease, arsenic poisoning causes facial Soft butoxy, consumption of a high fluorine content such as water and dental fluorosis enamel appears and industrial waste water is always a major source of pollution of the waters.

   the oceans of water pollution

   China has a long coastline, has a large number of ports, with the increase in the number of vessels, oil spill occurs frequently and man-made large amounts of waste oil and sewage discharged into the ocean constantly caused serious maritime pollution, although the overall pollution of our waters has improved, but the pollution situation is still grim coastal waters. Full clean sea waters did not reach the quality standards of an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 139,000 square kilometers, serious pollution of the sea is still mainly located in the Liaodong Bay, Bohai Bay, Laizhou Bay, Jinzhou Bay, Yangtze River Estuary, Hangzhou Bay, the coastal Jiangsu Province, the Pearl River estuary and part of the large coastal cities local waters contaminated area increased year by year.

   of the oil pollution on the marine commercial fish, shellfish and other seafood produce oil odor, adult fish, shellfish living in polluted waters that accumulate in the body of certain hazardous substances, when after entering the market for human consumption to be harmful to human health. It also led to a large number of bird deaths, such as: seabirds result of eating contaminated fish death, human burning of contaminated oil burned a large number of seabirds. So that the country lost some rare fish species of birds.

   Water Pollution Situation lakes

   a large number ofThe lake also suffered serious water pollution. Among a large number of discharged waste water eutrophication and outside of the most serious. In our country 35 large lakes, 17 faced severe pollution, took the city of lakes, the tour itself is mainly water, to swap peoples lives, cultivate peoples sentiments, plays a very important role. West Lake, for example, in recent years, due to contamination by sewage and waste and pesticides in coastal tourism 126 units, leading to changes in water quality, water significantly dark green, dark cloudy.

   Five freshwater Chaohu be swallowed of 500,000 tons per day of sewage from cities and towns, where 80% of Hefei 401,000 tons per day of sewage discharge, farmland from further contamination Chaohu, Chaohu four weeks are farmland , farmers apply chemical fertilizers, pesticides, soil and water as the rain flows into the lake, about 20-25 million tons per year. Status

   groundwater contamination

   for the total water resources of 2.8 trillion cubic meters, while the average years of groundwater resources 818 643 000 000 m3. 69 in our cities: 鈪?Grade absence city, the city is only 鈪?Grade 10, only 14.5%; 鈪?Grade 22 cities, accounting for 31.9%; 鈪? 鈪?cities of Grade 37, accounting for 53.6% of the total evaluation of the city, that is more than half of serious urban groundwater pollution.

   As Hai Basin groundwater pollution is serious, water quality monitoring data 2015 indicates that groundwater monitoring well locations, 鈪?鈪?water quality standard in line with only 443, accounting for 22.0% of the total evaluation, and in line with 鈪?鈪?water quality standards 880 and 629, respectively, accounting for 43.7% and 34.3% of the total number of appraisal wells, namely 78% of the groundwater is contaminated; with the national economic construction and population continues to increase, the increasingly widespread use of groundwater in urban development so far groundwater has become the main source of water in our cities and industrial and agricultural water, the country currently has two-thirds of urban groundwater as the main source of water supply, irrigation by about 1/4 of groundwater.

   the total amount of groundwater exploitation over 100 billion m3, accounting for about 15% of the total amount of water - the 20%. A lot of exploitation of groundwater, although the increase in water supply in urban areas of our country, to maintain the normal operation of the city, has made some economic benefits, but its irrational exploitation also triggered a series of negative effects, highlightingPerformance in the prevalence of the disease caused by over-exploitation of water level drop, land subsidence, seawater intrusion and other geological hazards, and pollution caused by serious conditions, reduce available water, huge economic losses and other adverse effects. City of groundwater pollution increasing, according to authorities on the 118 and the City 2 - - Continuous monitoring data for seven years, about 64% of the city suffered severe groundwater pollution, 33% of urban groundwater lightly polluted, basic clean city groundwater only 3%. (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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