OULIN Olin Party will push the kitchen, t kitcn god Zhang Li

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   In todays fast-paced life, modern city began to pursue and enjoy a more carefree life, a similar festival of outdoor picnic, "Ubike smiling bicycle" and other new way of life is on the rise, and the development of technology to this pursuit of peoples lives provides a more convenient conditions. Like the upcoming Apple Watch to affect the high-tech industry brought about, as in the kitchen area, a new lifestyle leader OULIN Olin upcoming March 26 release of the latest Party kitchen products, will open the "Social Kitchen" new category, set off a new revolution in the industry.



   It is reported continuously explore new lifestyle concept OULIN Olin, has been committed to change depth study of consumer demand, it found its soul touching surprise. March 26, OULIN Olin will work together brand ambassador Zhang Liang, published in 2015 a new Party kitchen, and a full range of interpretation and parsing of the product concept, features, advantages and so on. At the same time, to coincide with March 26 is also the birthday of the god Zhang Liang, OULIN Olin will be in the afternoon as "bright Jang Geum" small, intimate birthday party held in OULIN Olin Party kitchen, Chefs will share pro in the field prepared food, sweet cakes and birthday wishes.

   Not only is the family kitchen emotional exchange center, is also an important place for friends and family know about the promotion, and family Party, also are seen as the highest level of feast. OULIN Olin Party kitchen research and development, is through the integration of products and functional areas to upgrade, to develop the "Social Kitchen" this new category to meet the social function of the modern family. OULIN Olin emotional communication from the origin starting from the "table allows you to easily burn out good food" starting with its new social culture open kitchen, kitchen personalized space to interpret the noble attitude to life, detonated a subversive revolution in the kitchen. No matter from which point of view, it would be a game in which you have the opportunity to experience the greatest change.

   and one of the highlights of the March 26 event - god Zhang Liang birthday party, birthday cake is being creative design collection. Reporters were told, "Youre the man of God, you call the shots - I design a birthday cake for the men of God" campaign has been formally launched. OULIN Olin through official microblogging urgent letter to find a warm heart "energy bars" in the hopeZhang Liang can collect the most satisfaction, the most fitting Chefs mind of 3.26 birthday party cake style. It is worth mentioning that, eventually selected lucky fans will be able to attend the 3.26 Zhang Liang birthday party scene, witness sweet and warm warm mens 33 birthday. The forward part of the activities fans can get lucky gift OULIN Olin sent.

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