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  People drink water after exercise, why drink more thirsty? Published: at 16:38 on November 6, 2017 Hits: 29

Every summer, when people go for sports, always easy to sweat a lot, so I always want to drink, but drink a lot of water does not quench their thirst, which is why, why drink so much water can not quench it?




This is because the human body a lot of sweat during exercise, but in order to maintain a relatively stable body temperature, while filling the body lost a lot of water , but also the loss of a number of salt, such as sodium, potassium, magnesium salts and the like. Because water is lost too high osmotic pressure, plasma, stimulates the hypothalamus osmotic pressure receptors, thus causing cortical excitability, resulting in thirst, so they drink lots of water. Drink lots of water and dilute the blood concentration of sodium chloride, in order to maintain and restore the original concentration, it should come to drink and then discharge the water to go, so continue to sweat. With the continued discharge of sweat, sodium chloride and further loss, so they formed a vicious circle, so people will feel thirsty and drink more.




and people after strenuous exercise, heart rate, telangiectasia, and cause low blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to the brain, immediately drink plenty of water will bring great burden on the body, easy to make heart, kidneys and other vital organs hurt, serious cause sudden death. Therefore, after the movement, using the method of drinking water to "small number", each drink 150-200 ml, 20-30 minutes intervals. If the sweat more, while necessary to add water and salt, can drink 500 ml of water was added one gram of salt.




Further, after exercise should not drink cold, cold drink cold stimulation produced easily vascular contraction caused intestinal cramps, leading to digestive disorders. And ice water after exercise does not really quench their thirst. Therefore after exercise, especially in the large amount of movement sweating, drinking water 7 鈩?~ 10 鈩?of (cold water and almost, but not ice water) is the most thirst-quenching, the bodys feel most comfortable.

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