Water purification industry reshuffle is the basis for produ

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   In order to more effectively seize the end of the water market, water industry in recent years began to consumer demand, product upgrades. This year, continues to upgrade water purification products, there are many commercial enterprises force field of water purification. From the ten months of this year to look at the data, regardless of the type of water purification products, or water purification technology, services are moving in a better direction, specifically in the following four aspects.




water purification industry reshuffle upgrade is the basis for product upgrades (Photo from Internet)

   First, the rapid escalation of products, more new products into the market [ 123]

   According 2016--2021 Chinas water industry market demand and investment advisory report to understand, with the development of the water industry, water purification in recent years about the show or forum more and more, and each time large-scale exhibitions or forums have new releases. At this years Shanghai International Water Exhibition, AO Smith issued a muted series of reverse osmosis water, in addition to long-term use of patented technology MAX3.0 reverse osmosis filter, effectively filter out heavy metals, to extend filter life beyond three years, more the water purifier to reduce operating noise to 48 decibels, far lower than the standard national home appliance noise 65 db, allowing clean water to enter the new static sector.

   on the Beijing Water Show, clean water source released a series of new sources, of which the original spring D601 / D668 uses its international leading low-pressure sodium-selective filter water purification technology not only effectively remove harmful substances, and selective retention body needs mineral elements, while the source of the original spring series nanofiltration water purification machines using industrial design and manufacturing process of internationalization, the man-machine interactive experience, real-time large-screen display, water-saving low-carbon, intelligent things together, also have a number of breakthrough innovations for consumers delivering a better user experience.

   Recent China Drinking Water Conference, Bole treasure first aquaporin membrane water purifiers release, BluePro Bole treasure aquaporin membrane water purifier with 700 gallons of super flux, than the market general 400 gallons water purifier to enhance the flux of more than 75%. Further, under the same conditions, the recovery of the membrane aquaporin reverse osmosis membrane is twice the conventional recovery.

   In addition to the exhibition and release new forum, and release the line, such as Honeywell Aqua Touch 600, using classical reverse osmosis system, with 1000 days of long life, high flow rate of 600 gallons per minute Get 1.5-liter high flow rate of water to meet daily household water needs; the front of the water quality indicator glows a different color filter according to the situation, so drink more at ease. There are other forms of online all the chips, such as millet under the kitchen water purifier, a water purifier using the formula hidden under the kitchen installation design, water 40% faster, than pure waste raised to about 2: 1. At the same time, the purifier also supports the filter cleaning technique, the RO filter may prevent automatic washing water is reduced filter blockage. Standard stainless intelligent control faucet, the water quality can be displayed filter life.

   whether it is fair or released at the forum, online or offline new products, both for the 2016 family of water purification products has injected new vitality, enriching the product type.

   The PRC, according to statistics, as the water purifier October 2027 type sold line, the new line proportion of 12%, 24% proportion of new line.

   Second, the arrival of the peak replacement, service-led growth

   a product people looked comfortable, easy to use, and will not often a problem, that is a good product. In terms of water purifiers, it is refers to the appearance of the product, technology and service.

   Appearance: water purifier as a small home appliances, will affect the natural taste for the whole family. So a high-speed gas atmosphere on appearance, may be one of the highlights of the water purifier, a lot of time can become a selling point.

   Technology: From the technology, the water purifier can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis four categories. For now, in the case of water purification technology is not the kind of increase, can optimize existing technologies, improvement is the greatest technological innovation and upgrading. Take reverse osmosis water, there are barrels, electricity ,, small flux, wastewater and other issues are urgent and more improved ways. Of course, in recent years there have been many non barrels water machine, but there has also been a big machine power noise problems. In addition, the concept of smart home past few years has gradually accepted by the people using the Internet technology that allows intelligent water purifier has become a development direction.

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