Suning Houen Long- double eleven appliances share exceeded 2

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   Recently, the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute and the National Household Appliances Industry Information Center authority issued "Chinas home appliance industry in 2019 third quarter report." The report notes that the third quarter of 2019, Suning Tesco (002024 market, shares of diagnosis) with 22.6% market share, is once again the whole home appliance channels first.



   war is heating up with two-eleven, president of Suning Tesco Houen Long let it be by micro-headline: "Two eleven our share and then pull it, a liter liter, breaking the 25% mark, for up to 3 percent! "

   Houen Long pointed out that more than half of double eleven fighting, Wukong top of the table battle is fierce. US first category air conditioning, color TV first category Hisense, Haier refrigerators, washing first category, the first home appliance channel thanks to major brands of Lulitongxin.



   The reporter has learned that the two-eleven, Suning joint major brands in the product, price, service and lay a three meter punch, and the strength of the first interpretation of the status of home appliances .

   products, Suning new starter, trade-in, high-end appliances, sink the overall growth of the market. Double eleven opener, Suning Appliance orders rose 82%, retail cloud channel orders over year increase of 200%, an inverter air conditioner sales grew 305%, laser TV sales grew 361%, yuan smart kitchen appliances sales rose 103%. At the same time, Suning TM to remarkable results, the number of new models starting exceeded 50, the cumulative trade volume of orders over 1.32 million units, turnover of over 3.5 billion.

   In addition to consumer channels for full coverage, highlights the price Suning strong supply chain capabilities. During the two-eleven, Suning joint Midea, Gree, Haier and other big robbed half of the introduction of air conditioning; color TV pushing the coordinate value, PPTV43 inch 799 yuan, 1299 yuan Changhong 55-inch, 65-inch 1999 yuan millet, Haier 70-inch 2899 yuan; kitchen 50% off guard Electric rush outside, they played cards hedging. By "stove hood + + + dishwasher + water purifier food" must have five sets and upstart ensemble "vegetables machine dishwasher + + + water purifier waste disposer + intelligent toilet cover" consumer provide diversification scene selection.

   services, Suning launched the "price protection 30 days, Buy cleaning appliances send card, refrigerator, washing machine feeding compressedTen years warranty machine, color TV 10 years large screen savers, 100,000 water heaters, three free services, and trade-in allowance for the release of hundreds of millions.

   With the two-eleven wars process forward, Suning Appliance will reach peak intensity. By grasping the multi-service product prices Suning, with the strength to defend the first home appliances. After rapid growth in the third quarter, Suning Appliance is bound to continue to expand market share advantage, double eleven more heavy show.

   (Source: financial, invasion deleted)

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