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  Pick a water purifier, over a stable of authors: Tim net water purification Views: 385 Published: 2018-1-10 10:36:52 Tim net water purifier found by online shopping platform, the key to such a search for "water purifier" words, there are more than 100,000 products, brands span, span a greater price, product promotion also contests, such as "imported from Germany, health-level filtering," "national food grade ABS material," "silver ion stainless steel mesh," a variety of advertising language dazzling. Water purifier various advertising really so magical? An industry source told reporters, businesses advertised can filter carcinogens, manufacturing Beauty water too exaggerated. Currently marketed are two main concepts purifier water, a first ordinary kitchen water, which uses ultrafiltration purification technology type, only of the sediment in the water pipe, impurities simple "rough "filter, direct drinking water quality is not up to standard. The second concept of clean water, were called "pure" water purifier, which uses a reverse osmosis type processing technology, more sophisticated techniques, this type of water purifier through the produced water can be achieved drinkable standard. Note that, a lot of water purifier business have to "significantly reduce the scale" as a publicity stunt, water purifier expert Liu Qiang said: "The scale does not indicate how much water effect, high water hardness, refers to the calcium and magnesium ions high levels. our daily calcium scale and the bottom of the kettle, magnesium related to human health and has no effect. "select or drink straight water machine, can well purify tap water at home, Tim net water purifier launched straight drink machine TZ-a, TZ-B, TZ-B1, as well as water machine TZ-HRO series are by virtue of stable quality, access to consumer recognition and love. New Year approached, pick Tim net water purifier, secure in the home for the holiday.

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