Tianma Group Ho Chak Black Edition installation Drinkg water

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   Recently, the net commercial enterprise Ho Chak water purifier faucet stationed in the Pegasus Group, hundreds Ho Chak Black Edition Drinking water purifier installed at various regional groupings office building.

   It is reported that, Tianma Group is a provider of display solutions and fast service support worldwide innovative technology companies, products widely used in smart phones, tablet PCs, smart wear, automotive displays, medical displays, industrial control, aviation displays and smart home and other fields. The Ho Chak As Chinas only listed company in Hong Kong, clean water, clean water not only provide services for many companies, but also the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2011 World University Games, Beijing Aerospace Command Center and other public works projects of drinking water suppliers.


   as a business enterprise net tap, Ho Chak always independent research and development effort, and technical cooperation with Zhejiang University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, set up a joint research laboratory. Ho Chak international leader in water purification technology security APO +, the adsorption in the traditional, after filtration, the dosage will be to Oxygen (O3) in water to activate the water molecules, increase dissolved oxygen in water, really effectively prevent "secondary pollution" to ensure water security entrance, health; "cloud water purification technology" has the full cycle of monitoring water quality and safety, supplies filter consumption value dynamically updated display. Meanwhile, Ho Chak first in the industry to establish a 365 * 24 24/7/365 service model, self service team, service network covering the whole country over more than 1,300 cities, counties and towns.


   The Pegasus Group chose Ho Chak KINGBOX Drinking water purifier, a leading international security APO + water purification technology, and with 28 liters of hot gall, when focused to meet peak drinking water; with automatic leakage protection, real-time water temperature and quality, lack of water reminders, set in advance heating, the heating function of intelligent fault monitoring and other functions, ideally suited for businesses, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools and other large water centralized place .

   in the future, Ho-taek will continue independent research and development of new products, thus creating water as the core of the intelligent healthy ecosystem. The most advanced water purification technology to serve more people and provide more choice for users seeking quality healthy living.


   understand Ho Chak water purifier brand details, please click on 娴╂辰鍑€姘村櫒

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